The Plankton

AUGUST 26, 2006
I've been coaching youth baseball for about eleven years. The past two seasons, I've done things a bit differently. The main difference is, I don't coach. I don't sit in the dugout. Sometimes I even leave and go do something else during games. The results of this non-coaching approach have been fairly amazing. The players themselves decide who plays where, what the batting order is, who pitches - the whole thing is up to them. They win. They actually win a LOT. Last season, they were undefeated. My favorite part of this is the reaction of other teams and especially the coaches. They'll be over there in the dugout or on the field, looking at this team of kids that is absolutely hammering them - and there is no adult anywhere to be seen. The only thing I really do is name the team. I think next season I'll leave that up to them as well.
Topical: Props