The illoz Orioles
posted: October 20, 2009
Meet the team that illoz sponsored this fall season! The Orioles are an 8, 9 and 10 year old team (2A) that took the field in our local WNC Fall Baseball league in Asheville, NC.

I'm a bit of a softy for dirty kids running bases and having fun in the sun. There's something about the light, the grass and yes the dirt that just speaks to me. All you have to do is add kids and, well, there you are.

Who doesn't want to be these kids? I mean, seriously folks.

Coaches Jamie and Jim were everything you'd want, especially if you're a kid. These two delivered 100% fun for everyone. I was lucky to find them, but the players were luckier to have them.

Is there anything at all better than being on a team of friends? I doubt it.

Is there anything better than the dugout? I seriously don't think so.

It's your moment kid. All alone at the plate. Magic can happen.

Not that it matters to me, but the illoz Orioles finished second out of thirteen teams this season. Well done, you crazy kids!

Our illoz team from last year is here.

Be back next seaon! Thanks to everyone at for helping to make this happen for these kids. They had an amazing time in the sun, thanks to you and their coaches.

Paul Rogers October 20, 2009
Wonderful,thanks for these pictures Zimm! The looks on those kids faces say it all.
Tim OBrien October 20, 2009
Great update and photos. GO ILLOZ!
Mark Fisher October 21, 2009
Dig the orange and black uniforms, way to go Team Illoz!
Robert Saunders October 21, 2009
Sensational, Zimm!
Harry Campbell October 21, 2009
Hey Zimm, I hope your birds did better than our birds! Maybe you should have gone with Yankees blue, great game last night. I coached my middle son in t-ball all the way up to 9-10, t-ball fun 9-10 not so much. I'm looking forward to coaching my youngest in t-ball next spring. BTW-Your fields look really nice, ours are ragged.
Michael Sloan October 21, 2009
I love it! Yes, the uniforms look terrific.
Christoph Hitz October 21, 2009
Killer uniforms!
Leo Espinosa October 21, 2009
Insert a thousand happy emoticons
Harry October 21, 2009
Grab a knee... Pile hands..... 1....2......3....Go Illooooz!!!!!
Nancy Stahl October 21, 2009
Go, team..! Which one answers to "Leo Espinosa"? Do they know what illoz is? Do they ask? Or do they just have fun? I hope the latter.
Marc October 21, 2009
Way to go Illoz! Nice going, Zimm.
Robert Hunt October 21, 2009
Yogi Berra said, "Little League Baseball is great-it keeps the parents off the streets". You are doing a good thing ZImm!
Cathleen Toelke October 21, 2009
Second out of 13? That's great. Cool logo, too.
Stephen Kroninger October 21, 2009
The Mets should have called a few of these kids up this past season.
Yuko October 21, 2009
Yaaaay. Zim rocks.
Richard Downs October 22, 2009
Good job, that is great. Any future artists in there?. Nice uniforms!.