The go-to guy for designer toys

MARCH 15, 2006
Klim Kozinevich, a new friend of mine and the throbbing brain atop Big Shot Toy Works, did the sculptural development for this mighty fine Mc Supersized toy for Ron English.

Klim combines some sublime drawing skills with bonifide industrial design chops and his own personal brand of pure whack.

The market for designer toys doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon - with some top illustrator talent taking full advantage.

Klim came over for my monthly poker night of arty farty folks, but unfortunately didn't bring any money so we couldn't take it from him - but did let me know that it's guys like him with industrial design brains that act as the conduit between art and production, which is good stuff to know, especially if you don't know it in the first place...

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