Drawger Annual 2014

DECEMBER 12, 2014

Since 2006 the good people here at Drawger have somehow managed to wrap up an annual show and make a gift of it to everyone. As the proprietor of the Drawger situation, it's my distinct privilege to see these entries arrive before the annual is finally unwrapped.

This year, my former bodyguard  Harry Campbell was good enough to offer up a poster for the show. How he had time to do this while being the most popular and rugged illustrator in the history of print is beyond me, but he delivered the magic about an hour after I groveled at his door asking for help. Harry is not only the most dangerous man on the mountain, he can shoot an illustration bullseye from 300 yards.

We're a bit late releasing the show this year because the Society of Illustrators have had me in solitary confinement while I finished the upgrade for their online competition site. If you entered Illustrators 57, I hope you enjoyed using thier new software. It was a load fun to program and I'm especially grateful to Kate Feirtag and Anelle Miller for trusting me to make this happen for everyone who loves the Society as much as I do.

I hope everyone enjoys the 2014 Annual as much as I've enoyed watching over the show as it arrived in digital packing crates. Thanks to everyone here who made this happen!