Flux Mix

SEPTEMBER 26, 2006
Flux Mix is a collaboration between myself, the artist Kevin Hogan and my friend Chad Pry. The basics of the Flux Mix project is this: See what happens when art starts making itself, without any aesthetic over-site by humans. The project started out as an experiment, with that simple, and uniquely disturbing thought in mind. The outcome is a never-ending art piece, in which you will never see the same thing twice. In fact, you can open it up on a million computers simultaneously and no two computers will display the same thing. In short, whatever an individual viewer is looking at is a unique experience. Right now - it operates on about 40 individual elements, which are chosen, mixed together and moved around at complete random. As the project moves forward, the elements that Flux Mix will "choose" from will reach into the hundreds. Very few people have seen this thing in action. Today is the first release to the public at large. FluxMix.com
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