Drawgers at the Museum

MAY 7, 2010

The work of Drawgers Leo Espinosa and Edel Rodriguez were spotted at the Asheville Art Museum (which is the nice little museum in my nice little town). I only happened upon this by chance, as I was wandering through the galleries last night looking for the musical ensemble Barbez, who were to put on a night of fine entertainment in one of the museum galleries.

Looking for where the music was to take place, I paused to admire a rather handsome Chuck Close that I'd never seen before, lingered on a little gem by Thomas Eakins for quite a while,  turned the corner and spotted an Eric Carle....

I thought, what's this? Illustration? Pressing further into the gallery, I spy several pieces by Art Spiegelman and realize that I'm was on to something quite unusual for an art museum. Hadn't I just been looking at a Leonard Baskin and a John Singer Sargent? I'd rather look at illustrations any day!

Then, I look to one side and it's Edel Rodriguez! Oh Sweet Happiness! Turning around to face the opposing wall, it's Leo Espinosa! Joy compounded! My friends, in a MUSEUM! They looked right at home.

Really bad pictures of the stickers on the wall. I didn't want to draw any attention to myself by using a flash, because as you may know, taking photos in a museum is strictly forbidden!

And yes, I violated museum policy by taking a couple of quick snaps of the pieces by Leo! Somebody call the police!

And more unlawful activity quickly followed with really bad photos of work by Edel! I'm an outlaw!


Here's a link to the show, which is called Nouns: Children’s Book Artists Look at People, Places and Things.