FAS - George Giusti Lesson
posted: January 30, 2010
I was on the phone with Enos yesterday and we were chatting about his days at the Famous Artists School. The talk inspired me to rummage around in my garage and pull out some of the course books I've collected from the school. If you've never seen one of these, they are large (14 X12) and impressive items. The ones I have are from 1959.

I haven't thumbed through these in many years, but once I started, these was no stopping. One of the books, blue cover, Lesson 18, titled Principals of Experimental Design contained a lesson designed by the great George Giusti, which I thought I'd share with everyone.
Other Giusti Resources:
Covers collected Alexander Budnitz
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And I've set up an album for Giusti right here that I'll be adding to!

The collected stories of Enos at the FAS
Shout January 30, 2010
beautiful! thank u Zimm, very interesting
Marc January 30, 2010
Great stuff, Zimm. I have a set of these from 1956 I need to do a post about some time soon.
Levin January 31, 2010
My dad had (and probably still has) this set of books. They were a big influence on me too. (Once I got past the anatomy/life drawing photos. Hey I was about 10 years old).
Christian Slade February 1, 2010
Great post Zimm! Those books are great!! I always find them to be a refreshing, clear foundation of the essentials. Years ago I had a nice photocopied bootleg and then eventually scored a nice set of them at a flea market. They were happy to get $30 for the lot of them! This was one of the first places I really got to know and appreciate the work of Al Dorne, one of my favorite illustrators.
Rob Dunlavey February 1, 2010
It's illuminating seeing what I take for intuition. spelled out so clearly and logically. Thanks.