Of Appreciations For America
posted: February 5, 2013

American Friends,

As the spread of fame for Olaf grows larger and Olaf is looked upon by great appreciation in the world of art, less and less time is made for communication with my friends in America.

The obligations of Olaf are many, but Olaf now takes the time out to send congratulations to the Americans who have sent the great black leader Obama back to his position of President.

In recognition of this great day for my American illustrators and artists, Olaf has created several moving and mindful depictions of the great  American leader which you will appreciate. As the symbol of peace, Olaf has reached deep into his Russian soul and carefully rendered the kind and loving unicorn to stand by your President .
With this careful depiction of the great American leader, Olaf moves you with a black and white painting which will show the contrast between dark and light in a skillful twist of analogy and deep meaning.

Once again, Olaf depicts the loving kindness of the unicorn to bring forth the deeper meanings.

Olaf pleases you yet again by depicting the unicorn and the great black leader as they confront and conquer the bear, which will be appreciated to symbolize the dark forces which confront all of man kind. Olaf takes great pride here in the black leaders buttocks area, which serves to focus the admiring eye towards the center and then outwards into the carefully crafted and moving composition.

Olaf regrets that time is short, the dark winter of St Petersburg and lack of recognition again from the Americas Illustration Society of New York, all of which makes Olaf fill with sadness at times, but Olaf will make all efforts to be a better freind to all the American artists who yearn for Olaf to share the great works.
Olaf leaves you with a potrayal of the conquering black leader, as he lifts the great sword of freedom over the lowly oppressors. With love and light, we see that Olaf depicts the unicorn once again as my artistic gift to all who Olaf is well loved by in the great country of America.

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AT&T U-Verse SMTP for your email addresses outside of ATT.net
posted: June 14, 2011
The masterminds at AT&T U-Verse have gone to a great deal of time and expense to provide their valued customers with comprehensively incorrect information regarding how to send a non-ATT.NET email through the SMTP provided at smtp.att.yahoo.com. If you use your own email address such as me@mybusiness.com and have landed here, you are not insane, even though you probably want to bang your head against the wall at this point. You have just been supplied with remarkably bad information by your new U-Verse support.

Here is the fancy version of the incorrect information regarding sending your emails though smtp.att.yahoo.com. Here is the more pedestrian and also completely useless instruction  page for sending through smtp.att.yahoo.com. The useless information I am linking to is for Outlook Express. For incorrect information regarding other email agents, find the link for "personalize your support".

If you call U-Verse support on the phone, they can not help you because they don't know how to set it up themselves. If you are reading this in the India U-Verse support basement and want to actually help the clueless and deeply frustrated individual on the phone who you are trying desperately to make go away, please read the following to them, word for word:

Here is actually how do it:

Go to: http://att.net

You will land on the unholy marriage portal of Yahoo! and AT&T.

In the top right, look for "Hi, please sign in" (this will probably change soon because it is so vague and absurd, so if it's not there look for some way to log in). Click those login words.

Your user name is the email address you gave yourself at ATT.NET when the friendly person came to install your U-Verse equipement. Your password is the password you assigned to that ATT.NET email address. If you do not know this crucial information, you are most-likely without hope at this point and should probably just forget about it and give up.

After logging in, do not click on the MAIL button because that would be WAY too obvious.

Instead, click on Member Center (as of January 2013, this link has been moved under the MORE button up top, to make this process even more confounding).

Then, because this thing really is just awful, log in again! Same credentials as before.

Now, under the "Contact Information" area on the left, click on "Update Contact Information".

You will see your ATT.NET email address on that page and a tiny little link under that for Add Email. Click that.

Add your actual email addresses in there.(me@mybusiness for example).

Note that if your email address starts with "admin" such as admin@mybusiness.com, then Yahoo! and AT&T will reject it. I have spent three hours on the phone with them trying to correct this error on their part with no result. It would take any decent programmer about 20 seconds to correct this pitiful error-checking mistake on their part. More evidence that this thing really is remarkably terrible.

Check your email and confirm it through their ugly but effective confirmation email thing.

After confirming your email address, you can now add that email address to the outgoing authentication in your mail agent program (Outlook, IMail..whatever). All the other information that U-Verse supplies after this is correct, including secure port numbers (465 for outgoing SMTP port). However - you need to use your own ATT.NET email address and password for the secure STMP login.

Oh, one more thing...AT&T instructs you to use outbound.att.net for your SMTP settings. Remarkably, this is incorrect. Instead, use: smtp.att.yahoo.com


If you work for AT&T U-Verse and are reading this and have finally corrected your bogus instructions, please post a reply stating: I'm sorry I wasted all of your time trying to figure this out and we really are a miserable service.

If you found this to be helpful, tell me. If anything I said is wrong, tell me. The internets are chocked full of bad information and I don't want this to part of the problem.

Year of great man
posted: December 20, 2007
So my American friends know that Olaf is not forgetting them in this time I am remarking on the Time Magazine of America who has named our Russian President as the Man of the Year. With great skill Olaf is sending you the Olaf drawging made in his honor which was created with great excitment and the knowledge of Olaf.

Olaf remarks that the President of Americans is not in any way a less of a man so as not to seem that Olaf is acting too proud. The President of the Americans will be Man of the Year in another year, so my American friends can feel as proud as Olaf. But it is not this year as I am telling you now. This year, Olaf is proud of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and of course of the great tribute Olaf pays to him with the fine drawing.

So it is to Americans that know of Olaf, my greetings are always welcome to you all. Olaf will point out the care of attention given to the eyes of Vladimir Putin which will follow you when you are moving to view the art. This is a very special meaning as only Olaf can explain. If the Americans would need to learn this way of drawing then many years at a Russian school will be wanted and Olaf will greet you all as you join the Russian Artists Academy and celebration of your new skills. It is sad that many artists can not have the knowledge of Olaf, but it is the way of sadness for many things as we all know in Russia.

Olaf gives great joy to his American friends and to my Russian President there is Olaf always in his support and congratulations for the honor of Man of the Year.
Abstracting Knowledge
posted: December 11, 2006
Today it is sadness that Olaf realizes about the artists who paint the abstrations without the knowledge of art. In Russia, it is understanding that only after the knowledge is powerful can the artist create the abstraction. For many artists, this is sad and not true. With simple minds they go to the abstraction without the knowledge of Olaf. I show my speak American friends the power of knowledge when the abstract art is created. Olaf does not create the abstraction often, but when Olaf will do that, the greatness will come from the knowledge of art. The sleeping nude abstraction painting of my wife. She will be wishing her breasts were as large but I am telling her they are fine. Olaf can paint the abstraction and be pleased. My speaking American friends will receive pleasure to Olaf for this.
Today the sadness of the abstraction is real in the heart of Olaf. But the Spider Man said that with the great power comes the great responsibility and so Olaf will not run away. The American Football is not popularly in Russia but Olaf has abstracted the Football man with the knowledge. Olaf will tell his knowledge to the young people so that they will one day be able to paint the abstractions. Olaf knows this is not an easy way, but the great responsibility is in Olaf today.
The joy of the art
posted: November 18, 2006
Can the great illustrators bring the joy to the people. Olaf believes it must be so. You will already know of Olaf as such gifted portrait artist but it is also important that Olaf bring joy to the people in many ways with the great art. Olaf will explain this. You understand this painting is of course the beautiful unicorn, which is not the real animal. The unicorn brings great joy for a symbol of love. You see this and the joy is in your heart. There is no understanding, of course. But it is important that the great artist he understanding the joy bringing to the sad hearts of the world. In Russia, it is often sad. But Olaf must make this better. The people see the unicorn and they wonder in the mind. Can unicorn be real? Can unicorn fly? But Olaf knows the answers will not be in the mind. The joy begins to grow in the heart, you will understand. And so it is with the gifted artist that must bring joy to the hearts, for with no art there will be sad hearts. Olaf knows many speak american will appreciate this. In Russia, we are learning well in art but it is important not be worried for less art understanding in america. The artist must do the best ability to bring joy.
Happy Election America
posted: November 8, 2006
Happy Election Congratulations for election day America in the news today. Olaf is proud to know of many American artists at this special day and Olaf brings the meaningful painting of president Lincoln for your appreciation. This American is known for Russians as the great man for liking of black people and having them all as Americans, which is a wondeful thing to happen! Many people of the world will be unhappy with the America, but remember as our Russia was a great and sad country in past time. Our great land can not be understanding by a President and we will always struggle to make our self known as the proud people s we are at. Olaf is an artist for many people and knows Americans will appreciate that while the election dAY is celebrated.
The Kings Together
posted: October 31, 2006
It is good to have American artists to speak about Olaf's art. Today a lesson in how Olaf works to make the art that is created. So Olaf was thinking if Elvis Presley who was a great American rock and roll player was to meet Jesus, who everbody knows about as good as Elvis, if they were to meet, what kind of things would they talk about. It is just a way for me to think and then Olaf goes straight to making the art. You see, it is impossible for Jesus and Elvis to actually meet, but in art, anything can happen. You see? Olaf is thankful for the appreciation you will have for this.
Welcoming to Drawger
posted: October 30, 2006
Olaf is glad to be part of this wonderful website called Drawger. Having watched Drawger often from my studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia I have come to admire many American illustrators very greatly. While American artists may not get the special training that we do in Russia, Olaf still believes that many are as good as him. Many Americans love the president Ronald Reagan and we in Russia are also pleased by the President of yours. Olaf has made this wonderful portrait of him which can be shared with you now. Olaf knows you will enjoy it greatly. It can not be purchased as it is very special to Olaf. Olaf looks forward to speaking Americans at Drawger.