The ZIMM Situation

Some Websites I maintain for the illustration community.


More Internets

My home base for web development is Bug Logic.
Looking for the Ba Ba Ha Ha book? Click here.

Just For Fun

Created TotallyStupid.com just to play around.
Hey maybe you add to the list of three letter words!

Previously illustration

I used to be a very active illustrator back in the salad days of illustration, but I don't do that sort of work any more. There used to be examples of all that old illustration stuff here but I have removed them and they're gone, mostly because I was just tired of looking at that stuff.

What happened

In 2002 I broke my right wrist into a lot of tiny pieces and some doctors attempted to put it all back together with seven titanium screws (which they call "pins" because that sounds okay, when in fact they really are just machine screws) and two titanium plates, but it never really worked very well. In the end it was something of a happy accident because it lead me to other stuff that I do these days to get along.

This site is created and updated using an easy-to-use system that was created in-house at Bug Logic, which is what I do for a living, most of the time. I sell this system and also do hosting if you are interested.

Other Extreme Dork Conditions

Since around 2008 I've added and edited countless Wikipedia articles, mostly in the Biography Section for artists and illustrators.
This crazed mania takes up endless hours and is a deep and troubled worm-hole that is probably not very good for my mental health.
I've either completely written or done major revisions on Bios for Brad Holland, Victo Ngai, Joe Ciardiello, Robert Hunt, Nancy Stahl, Brian Stauffer, Marc Burchardt, Victor Juhasz, Barry Blitt, Edel Rodriquez, Chris Buzelli, Yuko Shimizu, Steve Brodner, Matt Mahurin and boat loads of others that I can't even recall.