New Years High-Def Resolutions
posted: January 4, 2010
Re-evaluate long-term relationship with Georgia and Times New Roman

Reject Pantones 2010 color picks, especially turquoise

Just surrender to Google Reader, they own RSS... for now

Reduce complications by puchasing black socks only

Reconsider #CCCCCC and seriously consider #AEB3B7

Deal boldly with line-spacing without fear of rejection

Decide once and for all that Lil Wayne is simply the best and just be done with it

Nail down the actual answers to what I wonder about

Get Bob Staake back here where he is loved the very mostest

Get Drawger displaying better on mobile devices

Create more lists

Rob Dunlavey January 4, 2010
Daniel Fishel January 4, 2010
Yeah, but there is nothing wrong with #bababc either.
Richard Downs January 4, 2010
Yes, get Bob Staake back. As a teaching device Drawger has become instrumental. I have pointed countless students to log to his Template for Children's books that was posted a year or so ago, a smart and very useful template, plus excellent work by the man.