Christmas Wish List
posted: December 3, 2009
Dear Santa, most things that I actually WANT, I can't have. But isn't that what Christmas is all about ... Not getting what you really want?

1. I want to go into the MIKIMOTO Ginza2 building in Tokyo, designed by Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects. I would be satisfied just to walk in once and then I would leave, I promise.

2. I want the Optimus Tactus concept Keyboard from Art. Lebedev Studio, designed by Artemy Lebedev. I don't care that this hasn't actually been produced, I want it and yes I deserve it. Yes, this is the second year in a row that I have asked for this but I'm NOT giving up!

3. The Air Genie is a spherical, full-color video-surfaced, helium airship designed by Tom Shannon. Like a lot of things I want, this doesn't actually exist yet. I want it anyway, and I want it as soon as possible. The idea of flying around and projecting whatever I want on the surface of my airship, it's just exactly the thing I want to do.

4. The Lilypad, a floating ecopolis for climate refugees is a concept city designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, Hong Kong. It doesn't exist, but who cares? I want to live there anyway. Who the heck doesn't? Come on Santa! Floating cities are cool!

5. The CH4 Wall Decal by Cody Hudson for Bodega is one of those impulse items I know I'll regret later but I can't help it, I want it anyway. Maybe it's just the idea of art you stick to your wall that appeals to me. I wanna do it! I could always peel it off when I get tired of it, right?

6. The MIT 6-D ImageSystem. I asked for this last year from the Santa at Macy's, so I think he's a phoney. I want this and I've been a very good boy THIS year. Please, please, please let me HAVE ONE!

7. Can Steven Heller simply have a legit RSS feed for his Daily Heller column at Print? I'd like to have his feed in my daily news without having to check the Print Site all the time to read what he's going on about...Santa can make this happen, I just know it, it's a no-brainer!

8. I wanna be Randall Enos for ONE DAY. I understand this may be unreasonable, because he values his own body, but I PROMISE to return it (his body) after 24 hours. Image pulled from The Mocha Dick Project.

Donald Kilpatrick December 3, 2009
I want one of those Art Lebedev keyboards as well!!! I have been eying one of those for a while now, but it would be better as a gift...
Hanoch Piven December 3, 2009
I thought my wife gets the Daily Heller on her email...but I don't see a function like that. Yeah maybe I'll ask Hannukah Harry for it as well.
Zina December 3, 2009
Would that I were Santa, they would each and every one be under your tree.
Tim OBrien December 3, 2009
That's a cool keyboard!
fiedler December 3, 2009
Hey, I've met Toyo Ito [and his staff].
Yuko December 3, 2009
This is so fun, Zimm! Maybe we should all make our Christmas list! Maybe going to Mikimoto is an excuse for you to plan a trip to Tokyo :-) Winter there is warm (or at least feels so for New Yorkers).
Adam McCauley December 3, 2009
I can definitely imagine Zimm floating around in that digital airship. C'Mon Santa, Zimm's been good this year, make it happen!
Leo Espinosa December 3, 2009
Santa I want one of those 6D thingies too! ah, and a giant doobie!!
Richard Downs December 3, 2009
I wish I could help you, Robert. We all know that you have been a good boy. That airship is a gas!.
Christoph Hitz December 4, 2009
#8 is the my #1! ;-)
Doug Fraser December 6, 2009
That floating city has a bit of the Abu Dhabi thing going on, I think the Enos for a day is more sustainable.
Elwood H. Smith December 7, 2009
Sorry, Zimm, but Randy has promised his body to me for the entire year of 2010. If the pungent smell of wood shavings gets to be too much for me, I may abandon ship early. Should that occur, I'll let you know. Sorry about that. -E