Drawger in the news
posted: August 17, 2006
A nice write up by Bill Russel at The Northern California Graphic Artists Guild web site, where Adam McCauley waxes about Drawger, and offers advice on proper blogging, such as "readers can't detect irony" . Thanks Bill and Ad! I guess the secret is out...

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Peter Cusack August 18, 2006
That's a great write up! Drawger is such a special place. At times, it can be a supportive forum for artist to reveal and share there most personal side and work. At Drawger, I've never experienced criticism or judgment for anything I've posted nor from anything anyone else has posted. Artist here tend to be positive, inclusive and genuinely interested in otherís work. I love being apart of this community.
Jim Paillot August 18, 2006
I agree, Peter. This is such a great forum to show new artwork. Always positive and constructive comments. I have also met and become friends with some artists that I have admired for years. Thanks, Zimm!
Leo Espinosa August 18, 2006
Yup, one more chance to thank you for Drawger, Zimm. Gracias!
Linzie Hunter August 18, 2006
a great write up and all true! I feel really lucky to be part of such a great community. Cheers from me :)