Drawger Speakeasy
posted: August 16, 2006
The Drawger Speakeasy is now open for business. Members here will only see the link, up top, when they are logged in. The only way for ANYONE to view the content of the Speakeasy is to be a member AND logged in. In short, the general public has no access at all to view whatever is written there-in.

It can hold as many topics of conversation as we can think up, so if you're a Drawger and want to start a conversation, log in, hit the Speakeasy button up top, and fire at will.
Robert Saunders August 16, 2006
Speakeasy is eerily addictive. I am afraid. Very, very afraid.
David G Klein February 18, 2007
I don't seem to have a speakeasy button. Is this an inner-circle kind of thing? Do I have to kill TWO enemy agents before I get this special designation?
Tim O'Brien February 18, 2007
David, Ithink you need to log a certain number of articles before the door appears. It's all very mysterious. Write articles and before you know it, it will be there.
Dale Stephanos February 18, 2007
#@*!! velvet rope gets me every time.