Name This Idea
posted: August 15, 2006
A new upgrade will be arriving at Drawger in short order and I am calling out for help with naming it. What it is: A message board that only members can see and only members can post to. The general public rabble that wanders through here will have no access to the inevitable complaining and client busting that will commence. I am not beneath sponsored naming opportunities. For example, The Elwood Smith Board of Bullwax and Balogna might be worth considering. At any rate, post em if you've got em. . . . . .
eRod August 15, 2006
Dirty Laundry The Hamper The "G" Spot -- "G" for grumbling of course, and some fun with theIspot The Cryptex You Need a Mirror to Read What's in Here The Back of the Drawger The Basement The Glove Compartment of the Ford Pinto in My Uncle's Junkyard Where We Kept All the Girlie Mags When I Was Ten Where We Talk About the Rest of You The "Special Drawer" or The "Special Drawger" (If you need 'special drawer' explained, send me an e-mail) Where We Keep the Really Crappy Work Sorry, No Photoshopin' Addies Allowed A Secret Place for Those Dumb Enough to Have Told Their Wives They Have a Blog, and Now She Checks it To See if The Boob is Bloggin' Instead of Taking Out the Trash, or Somethin' If none of these work then get David "Viva Fidildo Castrato" in here pronto.
Edel Rodriguez August 15, 2006
Edel Rodriguez August 15, 2006
"The WARD" various definitions: A room in a hospital usually holding six or more patients. (As in the Mental Ward) The projecting ridge of a lock or keyhole that prevents the turning of a key other than the proper one. Also, DRAW spelled backwards.
Jeff Moores August 16, 2006
Drawger Blues Drawger Goes Under Under the Drawing Table Drawger Gets Down Down @ Drawger For your Drawgers only Creative Hush-Hush Hidden Sketches The Underground Sketch Pad The Sneak Pad OK-- there's my 2 cents, if it's worth that.
Robert Zimmerman August 16, 2006
In a completely unscientific, unofficial and highly suspect poll, the front runners so far are: Drawger Speakeasy and Giggle Hut
Bob Staake August 16, 2006
I'm thinking maybe something that sounds, you know, indian -- like... Bucklardo Bootwax Bleedingear