100 Drawings and National Security
posted: August 13, 2006
100 drawings (count em) had to go to final art in about 6 days, here. The sketches were laying around for weeks. Great art director, great client. Circumstances conspired against us all in the end-game.

Now that I'm done, here's a National Security suggestion for these troubling times:

I'd like to recommend 100 final drawings in six days to the CIA as a sure fire way to turn a completely and otherwise rational man into a blubbering grease spot of his former self. He will, by day six, tell you anything you want to know. The method comes complete, with a customary bright light focused on the subject day and night. Last minute changes to finals are suggested to create further distress and self-doubt . Our national security  folks should know: You will break any man, he will tell you anything you want to know using this cruel but completely acceptable method of gathering important intelligence.
Edel Rodriguez August 14, 2006
Yeah, grrreat job. I wouldn't mind seeing a lot more of these close up. And some clue as to what character needs 100 spots in 6 days would be good. Sounds more like a reality tv show to me than an assignment.
Robert Zimmerman August 15, 2006
Thanks all - This stunt was performed by a seasoned professional and should not be attempted at home without proper training.