JD King and the Coachmen - American Mercury
posted: August 3, 2006
Pkg Design ( for reasons that baffle me) by David Greenberger. Illo JD King....
The eclectic beat soundscapes of JD King and the Coachmen, American Mercury CD arrived unexpectedly by post recently. The sonic caliopy of the Coachmen, I've since discovered, is best appreciated alone in a car driving on lonely mountain roads at night. Expands the experience to a disarming sound track for life. Thanks JD! Sample the Coachmen
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Steve Wacksman August 9, 2006
The COACHMEN!! Please tell me JD's reformed the COACHMEN!! I remember JD saying ( and I quote) "Fuck You" when I asked him in the mid nineties if there was a chance of any more Coachmen recordings surfacing. At least he was smiling when he said it. At least that's how I remember it. It is probably notable (although prolly LESS so to this illo-centric crowd than to an average rawk n roll enthusiast) that the oft-celebrated Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore was (is?) a contributing member of the Coachmen. I have a reuissue of the original Coachmen demo recordings with liner notes by the erstwhile rocker Mr JD King himself. If proof of JD's cool is in any way needed ( and FYI it isn't ) , dig this line: "In December of '77 Randy and I went to see Patti Smith at the CBGB theatre. She was terrible. so we left early." Really! It just doesn't get cooler than THAT! JD- if'n you're reading this: You're a "Household Word" around THIS house! Hello to ya! Thanks for posting this, Zimm. And Kudos to Greenberger, a swell fella in his own right and author of the seminal 'zine "Duplex Planet". I have the good fortune of crossing paths with him via an eBay auction and found him to be a mensch extraodinaire!