Garage Band
posted: July 30, 2006
Probably not suitable for Drawger and more in my own peculiar personal world, but I need to send some props to the kids of Lose This Gun, who played in my garage (really) this afternoon. 15 year olds that R O C K, yall. Watch for these names in the near future: Robert Adams - Vocals and rhythm guitar Quinn Kimsey-White - Lead Guitar Corey Abshire - Bass Daniel Coombs - Drums
Photos by JZ...
They had perhaps 40 or 50 kids show up in my garage. Nobody knew who this guy was but he had a rockin time, no doubt.
Rob Dunlavey July 31, 2006
Man, I don't even own a garage. Bummer!
David Flaherty July 31, 2006
Looks like fun Zimm, did you do a cameo?
Robert Saunders July 31, 2006
A 30-year old is a kid, by my lights. Oh well, long live garage rock, by any name.
Elwood H. Smith July 31, 2006
Hey, Zimm, no sound file? If you didn't record them, maybe they'd like to fess up one for us Drawgerites. -E