Jim Flora
posted: February 17, 2006

I can't stop looking The Mischieveous Art of Jim Flora.

I've had it for about 6 months and I carry it around like some kind of security blanket.

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Michael Sloan February 17, 2006
I've heard about that but never checked it out - why do you like it? I used to like listening to Irwin Chusid's shows on WMFU when I lived in Brooklyn.
Steve Wacksman February 18, 2006
Jim Flora's one of the greatest artists I've ever shamelessly ripped-off! Actually, I had a poster from some crappy 'zine that swiped some of his artwork. It completely blew my wig back, so I ripped it off without even knowing who the artist was. Later I got hip to Flora ( whom I believe to be a son of Cincinnati, like yours truly) and I remain in awe of his work. I have that book on my Amazon "wish list" but for whatever reason it still ain't on my shelf.
Robert Saunders February 19, 2006
I've known about the work of Flora for years. I even researched a body of it while fishing for ideas for the cover of jewel case I was designing for a jazz/funk band. In the end, for me, it's a little too naif to be on my personal "best of the best" list. But I can still enjoy his limited palettes, whimsical figuration, and genius at complex layouts. Good subject.