Kuba inspired logo
posted: June 8, 2006
When a recent job came in to do a logo for a NYC recording studio, I thought back (for one reason or another) to how darn cool those Kuba Clothes were that Rob Dunlavey made a gallery about.
Where I started
I went to work right away, just experimenting. But, about an hour later, I got a call that the job had been killed. I didn't even get to show them anything! While these are completely unfinished experiments, they still make me darn happy for reasons that escape me.
Yeah, I did some more "traditional" looks, but the heck with them...
Rob D pointed out the Hammill Gallery where you can get a real fine sampling of Kuba. Here's some favorites: one and two and three
Rob Dunlavey June 8, 2006
Nice. I like the colors and the shapes naturally. I've always wanted to build up a kuba dingbat font but never gave myself the luxury of doing it. I just start to hyperventilate looking at the real things though. Maybe I'll get over there (Hamill) this weekend. Hmmm… ! --Robd
Hal Mayforth June 9, 2006
Please bear with me here. I think the Kuba based design is beautiful, but I wonder about it's relevance to a NY recording studio. If we're going to be usurping cultural references, shouldn't they be in context? To me the logo looks like it's for a sportswear company. I'm being brutally honest here, still pissed off at yesterday's Dish Network H-D installation fiasco that leaves me with no TV for the start of the World Cup. Sorry to vent on you Zimm. Love, H.
Robert Zimmerman June 9, 2006
Hal - I was told they specialize in World Music. I looked that up and found that most of the "world music" comes from Africa. Hence, the Kuba Influence. Cool? Anyway, it got killed so whatever...