White as blank paper
posted: June 2, 2006
Yeah - the home page and everything else at Drawger just went as white as blank paper. Anyboody who doesn't like it should file their complaints here. I'm going to have the alleged Drawger logo pull from a random list of image files - so anybody who wants to send me an alternate alleged Drawger logo, check it out here.
Rob Dunlavey June 2, 2006
Great idea! Will the dimensions be the same as drawger.gif? etc. etc. Mouseovers, etc etc. ?? --Robd
Robert Zimmerman June 2, 2006
The alleged Drawger logo is 138px by 29px total, but I have a bit of white space around it. The total alleged logo area is 101px by 14px - and the rest is takken up by white space. The random alleged logos should be no higher than 29px - flattened on white.
Robert Zimmerman June 2, 2006
The alleged Drawger logo won't go away. I just thought it might be fun to have random ones show up for a while. It's just another of my hair-brained experiments. Email me alternate alleged logos if you want to participate in this bit of whimsy. It will be for the home pages only - not for individual sites. Okay!