Vintage Commercials
posted: December 21, 2007
Citgo Commercial...
I had a job sweeping the floors at WSOC TV in Charlotte, NC in 1972. One day a guy handed me a huge box of commercials on 16mm tape that were on their way to the trash-bin. He gave them to me because I was "an art guy" (at age 13), and would somehow "know what to do with them one day" or, so he insisted at the time.

I carried around that box of commercials for almost 40 years storing them in hot attics and damp basements along the way. Last year, I found somebody to digitize them.
Talking Crissy...
Even though these vintage commercials have faded and sadly lost a lot of color with the passing of time, I've decided to share them with everyone, regardless. Some of them are simply gems.

The whole project is here at YouTube.
Some of my personal favorites

The Car Man - Citgo Commercial
This one is just a pure classic from start to finish. I wonder who that girl is. There is another in the same series here.

Talking Crissy Doll
This commercial might be one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. One of the girls who starred in this actually wrote to me and said she thought it was creepy too.

 M&M's - Go Fish
 This one is just great television. I kinda wish there were more commercials like this.

GumBall Banks
"Thanks for the GumBall!"

Country Club Malt Liquor
They could never make a commercial like this today. Features a room full of drunks drinking a lot of beer. I love it.

 Del Monte Gel Cup
This commercial is perfect. The timing, the kid, everything.

Belly Button Baby
This means something and I'm not sure I want to know what it is. If you figure it out, keep it to yourself.

Close N'Play by Kenner
I can watch this over and over again.

Stephen Kroninger December 21, 2007
After some late night viewing I must say that I love that washed out color red look, always have but then I'm not like the other children on the block. Unrestored film has a comforting look to it. These are great, Robert. I'm having myself a merry little Christmas. Thanks.
Tim O\'Brien December 21, 2007
90 videos on YouTube! Now I'll never gat back to work!. THat citgo chick is so geared up and hot for the citgo man, the cruel director just HAD to put her dad in the commercial and the car. Buzzkill.
Linzie Hunter December 21, 2007
These are brilliant. What's with the non-stop giggling with the button-baby? I fail to see the hilarity, or indeed why "it's ideal!" Thanks for all the viewing... going to revisit over christmas!
Nancy Stahl December 22, 2007
Hey, I remember that M&M's commercial..! Happy to say the rest aren't familiar. Guess my misspent youth at least wasn't spent watching these.
J.D. King December 22, 2007
Thanks! (I think...)
Zina Saunders December 22, 2007
Seeing these again explains a lot, Zimm. Thanks!
Scott Bakal December 22, 2007
Very cool, man. These are a just a couple of years before I started remembering commercials (I was about 3 years old with most of them) but a few I do remember seeing. The gumball machine (I had one), SSP racers...had a few. These are awesome. Too bad about the red tones but still a great document. Thanks!
Adam McCauley December 22, 2007
What a treasure trove man! I don't have the time now but will check these out for sure. Thanks Zimm for carrying these around and finally digitizing them and getting 'em back up!
Christoph Hitz December 23, 2007
Zimmtube, Personally I embrace the color shift, for a while I used them for color inspiration in my illustrations. Great stuff, pre dating the video tape.
Elwood H. Smith December 24, 2007
Zimmster! Thank you for making these available. By the way, those strange, reddish colors you see in those commercials are NOT washed out. I lived through that era (and long before the era of television) and, believe it or not, those WERE the actual colors of everything. I mean, that is how we looked and how our possessions looked and how our environment looked. Everything (at least everything in America) was skewed with a greenish cast or a blueish cast or a reddish cast. It was a weird time and those weird times produced weird people. Like Lou Brooks and Randy Enos. And me. I hope I've clarified that misconception.