Year of great man
posted: December 20, 2007
So my American friends know that Olaf is not forgetting them in this time I am remarking on the Time Magazine of America who has named our Russian President as the Man of the Year. With great skill Olaf is sending you the Olaf drawging made in his honor which was created with great excitment and the knowledge of Olaf.

Olaf remarks that the President of Americans is not in any way a less of a man so as not to seem that Olaf is acting too proud. The President of the Americans will be Man of the Year in another year, so my American friends can feel as proud as Olaf. But it is not this year as I am telling you now. This year, Olaf is proud of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and of course of the great tribute Olaf pays to him with the fine drawing.

So it is to Americans that know of Olaf, my greetings are always welcome to you all. Olaf will point out the care of attention given to the eyes of Vladimir Putin which will follow you when you are moving to view the art. This is a very special meaning as only Olaf can explain. If the Americans would need to learn this way of drawing then many years at a Russian school will be wanted and Olaf will greet you all as you join the Russian Artists Academy and celebration of your new skills. It is sad that many artists can not have the knowledge of Olaf, but it is the way of sadness for many things as we all know in Russia.

Olaf gives great joy to his American friends and to my Russian President there is Olaf always in his support and congratulations for the honor of Man of the Year.
Joseph Fiedler December 20, 2007
barryblitt December 20, 2007
Olaf - I just got a note from the Drawger Lost & Found; apparently they have a green jacket there that belongs to you. [I don't know why they sent the note to me] But in any case, someone found your jacket, and it's there. [nice Putin drawing by the way]
Rob Dunlavey December 20, 2007
The dot of life in President Putin's eyes compels me to humbly bid Comrade Olaf a good night. PS: was our good friend Olaf at the Drawger Annual party? Guess that's where the jacket was??
Donald Kilpatrick December 20, 2007
Privyet Olaf!!! I am so happy you are back!!!
David Flaherty December 20, 2007
Olaf, sorry that the capitalist system does not allow you to work in our markets! Too bad for us! Too bad for you. Keep on keeping on.