posted: December 11, 2007

I'm very pleased and proud to release for the perusal and pleasure of the illustration collecting public.

The illogator is designed specifically for illustrators who are selling original works, whether they be original paintings, prints, objects of desire for the home, or unique apparel items. Online shops at illogator are available to illustrators by invitation only.

My personal hope is that illogator's primary contribution will be to give art collectors a place to purchase original works that they have seen on book covers, magazines and other print mediums. The art from the cover of Time Magazine, the art from the cover of a latest best seller, the art on the annual report from IBM - these are arguably more influential to our culture than any works that hang in our museums on any given day. I'm pleased to be able to trumpet that notion and to provide a website where those original works can be made available for purchase.

The world of illustration has changed dramatically over the past decade. More and more, illustrators offer their own lines of unique merchandise and provides professionals with a place to sell and promote those lines as well.

The site launches today, with a small group of  remarkable people who have helped me test out the site and make this idea come to life. I'm very grateful for all their efforts on behalf of this project and hope it serves them well for very many years to come.

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laura levine December 11, 2007
Hooray! And many thanks for doing this, Zimm. It's a wonderful idea and it looks great and I promise I will get some of my work up there toot sweet! Btw, I love your search engine! One can search by size or word or price, but my favorite is...color swatch! It's fun just to play with!
Bob Staake December 11, 2007
wonderful simple and intuitive, zimm! there is so much potential in an idea like this but it seems that those who are trying to get a leg up in the space all operate from different business models -- so it will be fascinating to see how illogator plays out. if it can do what illoz has done (cut through the clutter and glut), then it'll be an absolute success! ps: props go to all the fine drawgers who have elected to participate in this novel concept from the very beginning.
John Dykes December 11, 2007
Wow. A beautiful site and a great idea.... Congrats on the launch.
Cathie Bleck December 11, 2007
Thanks Santa! You are one generous man.
Joe Ciardiello December 11, 2007
Looks great Zimm, good luck with the launch. I hope to participate.
Randy Jones December 12, 2007
Zimm: You're quite the multi-tasker . This morning you were helping me with my article, and then you launch this illogator site minutes later. I think it's a great idea to sell our original art to collectors, or , dare I say, museums.
Cathleen Toelke December 12, 2007
I haven't tried all the features yet, but it looks terrific so far. Thoughtfully set up by the master.
Richard Borge December 12, 2007
Nice site and idea Robert. The intereface and look is very slick, easy to you. I'd hope to be part of it. good job and happy holidays.
Jeff Moores December 13, 2007
Very Nice! Zimm. Looking forward!
Nate Williams December 14, 2007
very cool idea!
laura levine December 15, 2007
I just put some stuff up on The Gator, and I gotta admit it was easy, and actually kinda fun! Now I guess I just sit back and watch the money roll in, right Zimm? .....Zimm.....? ....? ?