Drawger Annual
posted: November 19, 2007
Very pleased indeed to let loose the 2nd Drawger Annual. The first one in 2006 was so much fun, it was clear that Drawger should give it another go. 52 Drawgers made it happen for 2007. You learn a few things putting together a show like this. One is that illustrators can't do anything without a deadline. When I sent word that the show was being planned, I gave Drawgers a somewhat generous deadline for entries of about a month and a half. With almost no exceptions, every single piece arrived on the last day. So rule number one when dealing with illustrators: Deadlines rule. Another thing. By and large illustrators have weird names. I defy anyone to spell Burckhardt the same way twice or Vasconcelos, Witschonke or Ciardello. I have unresolved spelling issues, and putting this together required cut-and-paste skills like I've never employed them before. For some reason, I had Brian Stauffer's name spelled three different ways on the same page at one point. He was kind enough to help me through that. New admiration goes out for all those art directors setting illustrator names in 4 point type for the margins of magazines. I've never seen one spelled incorrectly. Third and lastly, illustrators are an amazingly generous lot. If you ask them nicely and have even a measure of sincerity, they will bend over three ways to Sunday to make good things happen. The 2007 Drawger Annual is testimony to that. The show was a real pleasure to have all to myself for a while. It was like sitting alone with an unreleased classic. I've looked at each individual entry dozens of times - some of the works were much larger, with much higher resolution than I can display at Drawger, so I had the benefit of zooming in, for what I must admit to as many hours spent marveling at the skills and dedication to the art form these great people have in bewildering abundance. I hope everyone enjoys the show! If we can keep good ship Drawger afloat, we'll do it all again in 2008.
J.D. King November 19, 2007
Zimm, it was my parents' master plan to make the spelling of my name easy for you.
Christoph Hitz November 19, 2007
Zina Saunders November 19, 2007
I'm proud and honored to be in the mix!
Dale Stephanos November 19, 2007
Zimm, thanks for making this whole thing happen. Drawger doesn't suck.
Marc November 19, 2007
Thanks for all the hard work (and the spell check), Zimm! Looks great.
laura t. November 19, 2007
wahoo, we rule!! thanks for organizizing all this zimm :)
Nate Williams November 19, 2007
Right on Zimm .. great work and works and thanks for everything you do!
Cathleen Toelke November 19, 2007
It looks great, Zimm!
randy enos November 19, 2007
Zimm, You misspelled Ciardiello here.
Richard Allen November 19, 2007
Cheers Z
Zimm November 19, 2007
>>>You misspelled Ciardiello here<<< You see what I'm talkin about?
Mike Moran November 19, 2007
The finest show on the web! Thanks, Zimm.
Robert Hunt November 19, 2007
Thanks Zimm! You got MY name RIGHT!
Larry Ross November 19, 2007
Thanks, Zimm. It looks great!
Alan Witschonke November 19, 2007
Great eye candy. It's a nice snapshot of what everyone's been up to the past year. You got my name right, Zimm. And it's almost never right in by-lines!
Walter Vasconcelos November 19, 2007
Zimm, you should never trust the clock of the illustrators, but your work continues great! Thanks man!
Lou Brooks November 19, 2007
Zimm, I believe you have started a religion, my friend! This is amazing!! It's like opening a box of handmade candy.
David Goldin November 19, 2007
Thanks a million ZIMM !!! Looks great. Like that old commercial: " Taste's bettah zan zeee olt dawgh chow"
Joseph Fiedler November 19, 2007
Set this baby up in NYC in July at a cool venue to correspond with the dates of ICON5.
Laura Levine November 19, 2007
Thanks, Zimm!
Cathie Bleck November 20, 2007
Thanks Zimm and as always, you are there for all of us and really appreciate that!!
Peter Hermann November 20, 2007
I'm very proud to be a part of this awesome show. and a big thanks to Zimm for being such a sweetheart about the deadline :)
Mark Fisher November 20, 2007
Robert, Thank you, can I remove the rubber bands now?
Hal Mayforth November 20, 2007
Thanks for the great effort, Zimm. That's fine company to be in with.
Tim O\'Brien November 20, 2007
Great collection of images. Proud to be a member.
Peter Cusack November 20, 2007
AHHHHH what a classy show! Beautiful job! Im so proud to be in it!!!!
Leo Espinosa November 21, 2007
Sooo proud to be a part of this show and the Drawger universe! I like the NYC ICON5 show idea. Imagine all this stuff on a wall. Gracias again and again!
Carl Wiens November 21, 2007
Zimm - thanks for putting this all together, making sense of everything and getting the names right! I'm honored to be a part of Drawger history.
Elwood H. Smith November 29, 2007
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Zimm you are one amazing cat. You hold this great site together, always improving it and fine tuning this complex blog like it wasn't the damned Rube Goldberg contraption it surely is under its gorgeous hide. You are a talented artist and designer and (I know this for sure, because I just visited the Zimmster on his home turf) you're also a completely original human being. As everyone else has already said, this Drawger Annual is great. And like everyone else, I'm delighted to be a part of it.