The Unofficial Semi-Annual Drawger Design Awards
posted: May 1, 2006
The first semi-annual Drawger Design Awards do not include a buffet lunch, no key note speaker and have no legitimacy what-so-ever as they are based completely on what I think is nifty. For best use of Drawgers clunky and remarkably confusing interface, the top award goes to David Flaherty for his super smooth header.
Special props to David for custom article art
A close second, receiving nothing what-so-ever except big props and insane jealousy from me is Susan Crawford for her deft melding of background color and banner.
For best use of a frustrating and madly confusing color picker, loud applause and admiration to new-comer Marc Burckardt for the enviable eye candy.
The semi-annual Drawger Design Awards are based on nothing at all except what I personally think is groovy. Anyone who thinks they have been left out, passed over, or unjustly ignored can file complaints in the circular file.
Elwood H. Smith May 1, 2006
Hal, Jeff- I don't think Zimm was trying to create a competition here at Drawger, he merely wanted to list a few of his favorites. And I know you cats aren't really miffed, in any case, just poking a little at Zimm & his list. Right? But, while we're at it, I might vote Zimm's banner as one of my favorites, for it's interesting curved bottom and the fun grouping of "positive images on the left and "negative images on the right. Somehow it's subtle, but powerful at the same time. I love the variety in the various headers within Drawger. Some are more graphic than others, but they all reflect the personality of the artist. A good thing. -E
Rob Dunlavey May 1, 2006
David Gothard May 1, 2006
Geez...I threw mine together in the first few primordial drawger moments and never took the time to revisit & re-create something worth scrutiny. Better get crackin...Big Brother Zimm is watchin (just bustin on ya pal). It's not competitive for me - I just think it's always good to put our best foot forward and so thanks fer the wake up call. Dave G