illoz interviews
posted: June 19, 2007
What happens when one illustrator interviews another illustrator? illoz interviews are going to try and figure that one out.

For starters, Marc Burckhardt interviewed by Cathleen Toelke

Spotted at Drawn with props to Luc.
Stephen Kroninger June 19, 2007
Great stuff, Robert. I only know Marc through Drawger and e-mail. This is a great insight into how that Burckhardt mind works. THANKS!
Marc June 19, 2007
It was fun to do, and hopefully will be a good feature for ILLOZ. You guys are keeping things moving over there—thanks!
Tim O'Brien June 19, 2007
Very nice.
Steve Brodner June 19, 2007
Great work all. What Marc says here and in his work is what I get most excited about. Making the things you do, all of it, personal on some level. It's all you and on a certain level, the world eventually sees that and calls you, more and more, as you go, to just be you. So nice when that happens. And really nice when we have the Bruckhardt approach to the folk/sophisticated, simple/complex, all happening at once. Magic.
laura l. June 19, 2007
Great questions, Cathleen, and great answers, Marc! Really enjoyed it.
laura tallardy June 19, 2007
great interview- certainly some food for thought! brought a lot of new perspective to mark's work as well that i wasn't thinking about before. thanks!
Edel Rodriguez June 19, 2007
Nancy, it might have had a better ring to it than "What happens when one illustrator, who is not Zina, interviews another illustrator". Jeesh, cut the guy some slack! He's got a vast enterprise to run!
Zimm June 19, 2007
It's a good thing that Scott Bakal is interviewing Zina right now for an upcoming illoz interview. I suggested that his first question might be: So, is this "illustrator interviewing illustrator thing" just a sorry knock-off of what you've been doing for years already? Ack!
laura l June 19, 2007
3x3 mag has been doing it for a while too. It's always illuminating, no matter where it's coming from. Zina of course brings her own special touch to it with her wonderful portraits.
Dale Stephanos June 19, 2007
The great ideas keep flowing! Keep 'em coming Zimm. Marc's an interesting guy.