Melvins poster by a 5 year old
posted: May 10, 2007
When Dale Flattum was asked to design a tour poster for the Melvins, he hired his son Eli (5 years old) to do the job for him. I dig it.
somewhere in The Netherlands......
Steve Wacksman May 10, 2007
What's even more stunning is that The Melvins are still playing. I'd imagine Buzz to be somewhere in his late 40's by now. I thought Rock N Roll was a young man's game. Still, I owe the Melvins thanks- some of the loudest, heaviest and most painful music that ever punched me in the earhole. Notice the Built To Spill poster in photo: Antler Boy strikes again!
Mark S Fisher May 13, 2007
Looks like the art direction on this was perfect. Any idea what the font is?
Josh McKible June 7, 2007
Zimm- Nothing related to the topic at hand. I got an email from you a while ago about some friends coming to Japan. I tried replying back a few times but they all got bounced by the system.... so I finally figured this could be a way to reach you. If you're friends haven't come and gone already, please put them in touch. I'd love to show 'em around a bit. sorry for the delay.