Messin with Enos
posted: April 17, 2006

I had to do this.

< enos

thanks to Espinosa for starting this, I think.
Elwood H. Smith April 18, 2006
I LOVE it! One looks like a little kid and the other one looks like the guy who ran Carnivale. Just kidding, Randy, just kidding. -E PS: Zimm, your new banner is stunning. GREAT job! May 18, 2007
remember my fingers i'm 38 sweet love all is 1! Thru these eyes i see a world no other eyes can see- She is handsome dressed as summer flaxen gold or in winter's white and as gentle as love's sweet felicity, She's a dance in the dark with her spirits mating peace She's the joy thru my eyes open wide- then defined I'm the hope in her shoes if human race should then decre... Well then so be it for she is the world we've left unkind! Sincerely, Bee1