Happy Birthday to Drawger
posted: March 12, 2007
Drawger went into beta in February of 2006 with 10 illustrators helping the project and trying to figure out whether something like this might be positive for the good people of the illustration community. The site officially went live on or about March 10th of 2006.

Since then, Drawger has had it's up and downs, no doubt about it. There have been normal growing pains, weathered with good humor and patience by all. When Drawger started looking at the numbers in June, 2006 - the site was attracting around 5,000 visitors a month. The reaction at the time was, "Who the heck are these people and what are they doing here?". At last count, Drawger is close to ten times that, nudging 50,000 visitors every month. I'm still not entirely sure what these people are doing here, but it's nice to know that Drawger is providing the inspiration and connection that was it's original intent.

Drawger has gone on to inspire the upstart, illoz site. Without the ideas and encouragement of the Drawger community, it would have never come to life. I'm so pleased with the results, I don't even have words for it.

I'd like to thank everyone who participates at Drawger. It's been a solid year of entertainment, inspiration and outright joy for me, every single day.

And also: Mad props to my partner in code, Josh Carpenter. Without his help, none of this would have been possible.
David Goldin March 12, 2007
Zimm and Josh, you guys ROCK. Happy Birthday Drawger!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of this glorious beast.
Steve Wacksman March 12, 2007
Thanks a million, Zimm and Josh. It's been a blast. I remember being somewhat ambivalent about it when I started blogging last Feb. Hard to imagine now- i've met so many great people and had so many spirited discussions and photoshopped so many pics of Flaherty's head... Here's to many years of continued sucess! Vive le Drawg!
J.D. King March 12, 2007
Huh! One year! Very good! If we could just get rid of Lou Brooks, this'd be a world class establishment.
Peter Hermann March 12, 2007
Congratulations big boy. I'm really proud to be invited to the party... now if only someone could let me out of the woodshed, I thinks I saw something move in here.
Dale Stephanos March 12, 2007
Drawger has been a welcome relief to the usual gloom and doom that illustration web boards had become in the last few years. Thanks for putting this great idea into practice Zimm and Josh.
Hanoch Piven March 12, 2007
Proud to be here Zimm! congrats!
Leo Espinosa March 12, 2007
Thanks to both of you guys, Happy BD!
Zina Saunders March 12, 2007
I'm honored to be here; thanks, Josh and Zimm!
Nancy Stahl March 12, 2007
If it weren't for Josh and Zimm we'd all still be in our caves. (I looked but couldn't find Flaherty's "History of drawger" post to link.. did get to see the lovely "Eat or Be Eaten" again, though. Always helpful for dieting purposes.) Happy Birthday, drawger..!
Cathleen Toelke March 12, 2007
I second all of the above, enthusiastically!
randy March 12, 2007
I am honored to have been a part of this experiment which succeeded. Congratulations Zimm and Josh....I don't even know if you guys realize what you've done. All of us lone wolves are now a community sharing stories and ideas and inspiring one another. I know there are a lot of illustrator blogs out there but this one is quite unique I think from what I've that we've become a close family. My growing friendship with Dave Gothard, Joe Smith and Zina alone make this trip more than worthwhile....I never would have met them otherwise I don't think. It has expanded my life well beyond the barn all of a sudden. I'm learning more than I ever have in my life. Thanks Zimm for thinking of me for this project.
David Flaherty March 12, 2007
Zimm, and Josh, congratulations on your accomplishments! How do I get that year of my life back!?
David Gothard March 12, 2007
Viva Drawger! Being a beta tester was like being in the delivery room when Drawger was born. For anyone who has ever been in a delivery know how exciting that is. And the result is something to be proud about. Congrats to Zimm & Josh. DG
Marc Burckhardt March 12, 2007
This has been a great and successful experiment in community. Living across the country from almost all my fellow Drawgers, it's been a treat to stay in touch daily and get to know folks that I might only have met once or twice, if at all. My hats off to you both!
rag March 12, 2007
Drawger has changed my life and added years of experience to the short year that had passed. Happy Birthday ot you Zimm and Josh.
Christoph Hitz March 12, 2007
DRAWGER an ugly word for a highly imaginative virtual place with great people substance. Happy Birthday Drawger, I'm glad to be a part of it.
Bob Staake March 12, 2007
my history with drawger: i email zimm a year ago and suggest he create a photo-based "who's studio is this" match game for his fab mocca site he says he loves idea, but how 'bout if he put it on his NEW site, something he calls he invites me to join this thing called drawger but i don't even check out the url because i'm in the middle of a divorcing my first wife who, as everybody knows, played one of the daughters on 'the brady bunch' it's messy, it's annoying, it involves visitation rights with pets, etc. VERY time consuming. finally, a few months later i check out drawger and see many of my old buds here and quickly make some new friends. i meet this guy named edel who is probably a harder worker than me. i meet this guy named flaherty who i at first think has been hit over the head with a board but in the end becomes my favorite drawger. i get to know goldin better and leo even teaches me the right spanish words. what zimm has built here is an entire world that has connected us in astounding ways. we're allowed to be silly, stupid, goofy, rude, crass, funny, insightful, lemon-scented, honest, shallow, frivolous, intense, angry and every emotion in between. i love drawger, but i'd get more work done if zimm didn't build this monster. happy bday, zimmger! (and thanks)
Gary Leib March 12, 2007
Happy Birthday Drawger, its a great place to be. Keep on drawging.
Larry Ross March 12, 2007
Ditto to all the good words. It's been educational, inspiring, and fun. Happy Birthday!
Lou Brooks March 12, 2007
Happy Birthday, Drawger! I know I'm a year late, but nonetheless... THANKS FOR THE BLOOD TRANSFUSION, EVERYBODY! Especially you, Zimm. It's amazing. I realize already, though, that if I ever quit The Family, I'll be under the goal posts of the next stadium they build.
Lou Brooks March 12, 2007
And another thing... I just read Bob Staake's comment about "I'd get more work done..." Gary Taxali welcomed me the other day by letting me know the formula: once a Drawgerer, expect your income to drop 17%, he wrote. So, I've done the math, and I figure by end of this year, I'll have lost $800. Also, in response to J.D.'s comment here, my real family used to say the same thing all the time. All I can say, J.D., is: Stooges! Bullwinkle! Soupy!
Rob Dunlavey March 12, 2007
All together now: "Happy Birthday to " Thanks to Robert and Josh for keeping this brilliant jalopy purring and thanks to Leo for inviting me!
Tim O'Brien March 12, 2007
A fun year. My big assignments were more special because of Drawger and the response here. My boring ones were less boring because I have really begun to see each piece better while I'm doing it. The prism of a community of illustrators makes me a better artist. I also love the nonsense. The area of this blog devoted to that subject is a real oasis. Thanks everyone for a fun year.
Christian Slade March 12, 2007
It's great to be here. Thanks for putting this place together!
Steve Brodner March 12, 2007
Zimm: Congratulations. Drawger is a major breakthrough . . . toward something. I think an important point is, since the closing of the 9th floor bullpen at the NY Times about 25 years ago here's been no place for this kind of art collision to take place. And Drawger far exceeds that. This was a truly visionary act. The community needed this badly, but didn't even know it! It also goes to prove something I've always known, that our profession is mostly composed of nice and good people; generous with each other and with young artists. Something unique to us is perhaps is a finely felt sensitivity to the world at large and the sense memory of one's early days starting out. Long live Drawger and your fascination in the stuff that keeps us fascinated. Steve
Roberto Parada March 13, 2007
Zimm, I'm a bit late in getting to your post here. But I would love to thank you and wish Drawger a BIG HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I maybe a new member of Drawger but I've enjoyed reading the posts a bunch before becoming a Drawgerite. Congrats on a brilliant idea and for creating this terrific forum. I think illoz will also be invaluable asset to the world of illustration.
Edel Rodriguez March 13, 2007
Drawger has provided me with new and creative ways to procrastinate. Thanks Zimm and Josh!
Mark Fisher March 13, 2007
Thank You Zimm and Josh for providing this wonderful space to share, make friends and be connected! Happy Birthday, bend over and let me spank you!
Michael Sloan March 13, 2007
Robert and Josh - My thanks go to both of you for creating such a fantastic place for illustrators to connect and inspire eachother. I really believe you've revolutionized the illustration world, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Happy Birthday!