The Gift of Klezmer
posted: February 8, 2007
Inside cover of the book...
What started here from Leo Espinosa on September 30th of last year, landed with huge surprise in my mail box today. I am overwhelmed and so grateful for this gift, from my friends here. Since none of the group saw this collectively, I thought I'd let you have a look at how the end pages of Klezmer turned out. It is a treasure. Honestly - I don't have any words for this, which is pretty darn unusual for me.
inside back...
This wonderful print from Leo has been brought low by my cheap scanner but it is going to the frame shop tomorrow! What a beauty...
Extra Goodies were enclosed. Many, many thanks for this gift from all of you! Still speachless.
Edel Rodriguez February 8, 2007
Ha Ha! SURPRISE!! Thanks, Zimm, for bringing all of us together!
David Goldin February 8, 2007
Hey, that's where my wooden nickel went. I thought I lost it. Thanks Zimm.
Tim O'Brien February 8, 2007
Aw, I would have loved to add to that, but sadly was unaware of it. Us realists will have to pass a painting around. :) Thanks as always Zimm
Rob Dunlavey February 8, 2007
Feel the love Zimm!
Flaherty February 9, 2007
You JUST got that? Gee, where did it go after it left me? Miami? glad you got it!
Leo Espinosa February 9, 2007
Finally! It was going to be some sort of boomerang book project, but then I said, instead of getting it back, Zimm should keep it as a "non virtual" thank you from us. Kind of like the Klezmer story: Books and music are meant to be shared and passed along. Glad you like it, buddy. (And thank you guys for participating)
J.D. King February 9, 2007
Must've arrived Federal Non-Express...
David Gothard February 9, 2007
Actually, it hit a wall called Gothard, losing it's momentum at the last stop along it's journey. Having overlooked Leo's message asking to pass it along after 2 days, I gave it a good long read. At least it has a happy ending and a good home. Thanks, Zimm. Dave
zimm February 9, 2007
Iz so cool.
Mike Moran February 9, 2007
Cheers to you Zimm and cheers to Leo for the nice idea.
David Goldin February 9, 2007
Yes, Cheers to Leo for organizing this and keeping after it.
fisher February 11, 2007
Yes thanks for drawger Zim-man.