Yo Picture Mechanics!
posted: January 22, 2007
Picture Mechanics was probably the first exclusive cyber port on the web for illustrators. It sort of sat there for a couple of years, in a state of virtual hibernation. But the site has woken up from a long sleep...
"What started out as a simple portal link to each artist's web site blossomed into a creative consortium and collectible products."

... Um...I'm not too sure about the "about" statement, but who reads that stuff anyway? It's now officially a blog and as such, more power to the good people! Should be cool to watch.

Picture Mechanics
David Flaherty January 23, 2007
Bunch of copycats! : ) Hey it's a great group of people there for sure, some of them here too! Drawger is prettier! How much time can we devote to blogging!!!
Josh McKible January 23, 2007
huh... I wondered what had happened to that place. heard about it when it first went online, then quickly lost interest when it just seemed to sit there.
Gary Taxali January 23, 2007
Robert and David, Word. PM was and still is the best collection of illustrators. I am proud to have co-created that baby. I love PM and always will. Josh, say what? Gary
Edel Rodriguez January 24, 2007
Gary, my dad's a mechanic, it's in my genes already, man! Plus, I brings the ladies....