The Amazing Shrinking Illustrator Credit
posted: February 10, 2006
This is same size...

Okay, I know I don't see as good as I used to, but I'm convinced that illustrator credits are getting smaller and smaller.

I measured this one from US News and World Report and it was 3.5 point type, crediting the talented David Gall.
200 % view...
Here it to the right at 200%.

I don't know, maybe I'm just suffering from old age and general crabbiness...

. . . . .
David Gothard February 10, 2006're just getting older. You need stronger glasses. Then your credit line will
David Gothard February 10, 2006
As I was saying....with new glasses, you're credit line will
Robert Zimmerman February 10, 2006
This dog gone comment thing seems to be messed up and the problem seems to be with Safari. Me and Josh are trying to figure out why only partial comment posts are appearing. Stay tuned for updates and maybe a fix or who knows what.
Robert Saunders February 10, 2006
Recent reports indicate that old age and crabbiness restrict blood flow to the vitreous humor (not related to sense of humor), which plays an active role in perceptions of the size of things.
Elwood H. Smith April 5, 2006
I was in the National Guard MANY years ago. Before, thank gosh, they shipped the poor bastards overseas for active duty. When I mustered out (what the hell IS a muster, anyway?) I was only a corporal. But if I'd stayed in, I might have become a general. And if I HAD become a general, I'll bet my name would have been: General Crabbiness. I like it. I shoulda stayed in.