Pratt Bound
posted: December 30, 2006
My daughter, Lila just received her acceptance letter to Pratt. She'll be entering the creative writing program there as a freshman in fall, 2007. This is pretty big news around here for a few reasons. One is that she was born in New York City and has wanted to go back since I hauled her down South when she was 4 years old. The second is that it's the only college she applied to. The last reason is that it gives me pretty solid bragging rights, which is cool for dad. Proud pop. She's rockin it, solid.
Edel Rodriguez December 30, 2006
My Alma Mater! Hooray for Pratt! I loved it there. Send her my congratulations, it's a great school. Oh, and have Gothard and Joe Smith look after her. O'Brien is teaching there soon too. Poor girl, followed around by Dad's Drawger gang.
Robert Saunders December 30, 2006
Aw-w-w, that's great news, Pop. I'm the dad of a recently graduated daughter, so I know how it feels to have a daughter be in the kind of environment that makes her happy.
Tim O'Brien December 30, 2006
Congratulations Zimm and Zimmette! As Edel said, I'm giving it a whirl in a couple of weeks. She will wilve in Brooklyn, no doubt, so PLEASE use us as a contact, safe house. We are minutes away. Laundry, a meal or a place to crash whenever she needs it. Tim Oh, and the rest of my house is clean, not like the state of the studio.
Rob Dunlavey December 30, 2006
My 12 year old says she wants to go to Harvard. What's up with that? Man, I got some work to do! Congrats Zimm AND Lila!
David Gothard December 30, 2006
Great news to ring in the new year with. Exciting times - congrats! My daughter awaits her letter, having recently applied to the one and only college of HER choice. I'll be on campus at Pratt all day, every Wednesday. That means, whatever she needs help with, have her look me up. I am sworn to protect and watch over the offspring of Lord Zimm. BTW - I'm told Pratt is going wireless in 2007, so you can keep in touch with her easily (laptop required, nudge, nudge, wink, wink). DG
Zina Saunders December 31, 2006
Congratz to the sprout. New York is gearing up for her arrival!
J.D. King December 31, 2006
Peter Cusack December 31, 2006
Great news!. Congratulations Lila! NYC, Pratt! This will be a great adventure!
Zimm December 31, 2006
Thanks all! When Lila came home with her letter, she literally ripped the front door knob fixture straight out of the socket. So, I am on my way to Home Depot to buy a new one. Lila has read all comments here and has already mentioned "laundry" several times. Watch it Tim, this girl has CLOTHES.
Larry Ross December 31, 2006
Congratulations from a former Pratt grad and Pratt area resident. She's going to love it!
Jim Paillot December 31, 2006
Yahoo! Way to go, Lila!! I hope she has all the fun and adventures she can stand. And she fits in some time to learn a few things on the way. Yippee!
klim December 31, 2006
Pratt has a creative writing program??? that Hood is tough and Spensive Conrgrats though that is very very cool news
Harry Campbell January 2, 2007
Zimm, That's great news. What a great adventure, to be young and off to NYC. My 13 year old son Ian is expressing interest in following in his dad's footsteps and I told him New York art schools are the way to go.
Christoph Hitz January 2, 2007
New York Zity, watch out here comes another Zimm! Congratulations Lila!
Steve Wacksman January 2, 2007
Zimm- As you most likely know (since I believe I've mentioned it somewhere in the realm of one million times) The Wacksman Compound is located a scant 2 blocks from Pratt. We have running water, heat and air conditioning, full laundry facilities, color TV with cable and locking doors and windows. Local calls are free and Thursdays are "Underage Ladies Drink Free" until midnight. Please, PLEASE, if your daughter ever needs anything tell her to make our home her first stop. We'd be more than happy to help her in any way possible. As an Ohio boy plunked down in the middle of NYC to attend Parsons in '86 I can recall how daunting an experience it can be.
Spork Engrish January 8, 2007
Can I have her room?