Slow Sorry
posted: November 28, 2006
Sorry for the recent slow-down at Drawger. It was a server problem - database goobers running amok.

Should be running lickedy-split now.
David Goldin November 28, 2006
I'm sorry I didn't return that library book in sixth grade. I didn't even like the Hardy Boys.
J.D. King November 28, 2006
A likely story, Commander Z!
Donald Kilpatrick November 28, 2006
I haven't noticed a difference. I was on late last night and drawger was working as usual.. You rule, Zimm!
Larry Ross November 28, 2006
It was really slow for me yesterday. I thought it was my computer! It is better today. Thanks.
Bob Staake November 28, 2006
zimmster: some real issues in both firefox and safari -- usually early evnings. tried to upload an article and add additional images. could add maybe three and then screen would be blank. finally deleted post (3 times). i'll try again tonight. there are other bugs that occur now and then, but sure you are aware of those.