The joy of the art
posted: November 18, 2006
Can the great illustrators bring the joy to the people. Olaf believes it must be so. You will already know of Olaf as such gifted portrait artist but it is also important that Olaf bring joy to the people in many ways with the great art. Olaf will explain this. You understand this painting is of course the beautiful unicorn, which is not the real animal. The unicorn brings great joy for a symbol of love. You see this and the joy is in your heart. There is no understanding, of course. But it is important that the great artist he understanding the joy bringing to the sad hearts of the world. In Russia, it is often sad. But Olaf must make this better. The people see the unicorn and they wonder in the mind. Can unicorn be real? Can unicorn fly? But Olaf knows the answers will not be in the mind. The joy begins to grow in the heart, you will understand. And so it is with the gifted artist that must bring joy to the hearts, for with no art there will be sad hearts. Olaf knows many speak american will appreciate this. In Russia, we are learning well in art but it is important not be worried for less art understanding in america. The artist must do the best ability to bring joy.
Robert Hunt November 18, 2006
When there is a new Olaf. work unveiled, it's bound to be a special day. I love the magic sparkles!
Rob Dunlavey November 18, 2006
Drawger: it's like a religious experience; unicorns are safe here. Atom bombs, Nyet! Spasiba Olaf!
Anonymous November 18, 2006
znaete li vi kolyu vasina?
David Goldin November 18, 2006
Olaf, you delivered us a unicorn just when we needed one most. Your O.K. in my book.
Prinsengracht November 18, 2006
Na poslednie polushki Pokupaya bezdelushki Chtob svalit' ih v Peterburge v yaschik starogo stola,- U poddel'nik vaz Etrusskih Ya nashel dvuh bravih russkih, Zichno sporyaschih grug s drugom, Ticha v bronzu pyaternei: -"Eta vaza, milii Filya, Ionicheskogo stilya!" -"Bros', Petrusha, Stil' Doriiskii slishkom yavno v nei skvozit!" Ya vzglyanul: Lico u Fili bilo probkovogo stilya, A iz galstuka Petrushi Bil v glaza armeiskii stil'. "Stilisti" Sasha Chernii, 1910
randy November 19, 2006
I'VE GOT IT!!! I thought it was O'Brien but it's's BURKHARDT! The mystery is solved.
J.D. Czarski November 19, 2006
Olaf art is strong as furious bull charging a people stand. Is strong, like Stalin or Bush, even when Olaf paint the delicate unicorn. In tenderness, Olaf show strength. Is good.