Happy Election America
posted: November 7, 2006
Happy Election Congratulations for election day America in the news today. Olaf is proud to know of many American artists at this special day and Olaf brings the meaningful painting of president Lincoln for your appreciation. This American is known for Russians as the great man for liking of black people and having them all as Americans, which is a wondeful thing to happen! Many people of the world will be unhappy with the America, but remember as our Russia was a great and sad country in past time. Our great land can not be understanding by a President and we will always struggle to make our self known as the proud people s we are at. Olaf is an artist for many people and knows Americans will appreciate that while the election dAY is celebrated.
Jeff Moores November 7, 2006
Olaf- Is Abe about to shead a tear over the elections or the state of politics in America?
Linzie Hunter November 7, 2006
Good to have you back Comrade Olaf
David Goldin November 7, 2006
Lincoln, Lincoln, I been thinking... What the hell have you been drinking? Looks like water, smells like wine, oh, my god it's Iodine!
Flabberty November 8, 2006
Olaf, we all went and saw your movie this weekend. I took my three kids and four wives. 3 wives liked your movie and 1 kid did also as well. Olaf: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Russia, I like!
J.D. Czarski November 8, 2006
Only wish we had good strong leader like Putin or Stalin or Czar. Men above men.
Robert Hunt November 8, 2006
Thank you Olaf. for this moving tribute to our great President Lincoln. One can detect through your sensitive rendering the nuances of Lincoln's emotions as he ponders the election results. Of course, Lincoln was a Republican, but just as in your country, party affiliation is not what it used to be! Das Vadanya!
El Critico November 8, 2006
Olaf., This piece has a very different feel to many of your other pieces. It's almost as if it were done by another artist or taken off the internet and your signature put on it in Photoshop. I am not saying you would ever do that. I just wonder if you've hit upon a new post-nouveau proto modernist theory here without intending to do so. There could be a new movement afoot, and it's right in our midst.
El Critico November 8, 2006
Olaf., Where are you? You haven't answered my questions. It's almost as if you are off somewhere designing the technology for a new website and only check your messages at the end of the night. Just wondering.... What time is it in Russia?