The Kings Together
posted: October 30, 2006
It is good to have American artists to speak about Olaf's art. Today a lesson in how Olaf works to make the art that is created. So Olaf was thinking if Elvis Presley who was a great American rock and roll player was to meet Jesus, who everbody knows about as good as Elvis, if they were to meet, what kind of things would they talk about. It is just a way for me to think and then Olaf goes straight to making the art. You see, it is impossible for Jesus and Elvis to actually meet, but in art, anything can happen. You see? Olaf is thankful for the appreciation you will have for this.
Linzie Hunter October 30, 2006
Hello Olaf Another velvet masterpiece. WhatWouldElvisDo.
Edel Rodriguez October 30, 2006
Olaf. Do you know of our other Great American, the Burger King? I think this is a good painting, but if you added the Burger King in the middle you could call the masterpiece "The Three Kings". Get it? Ha, ha. LOL!!! Or maybe "The Three Amigos"? Ha, ha.
Olaf October 30, 2006
The velvet store is a good idea that Olaf is working on making a copy of in Saint Petersburg. After many people have seen the above work of art, they ask if Olaf can do similar painting with their likeness standing beside Elvis or Jesus. It is a good idea so Olaf will probably make a lot of money doing it.
Olaf October 30, 2006
In Saint Petersburg, we have Burger Tsar, but it is not the same as the King Burger you are speaking about. Burger Tsar is not the kind of place Olaf would go to or compare to a great American like Jesus or Elvis. Olaf is offended you might think so, but Americans are often rude when they visit, so Olaf has become accustomed to this behavior.
Linzie Hunter October 30, 2006
Olaf do you do commissions? I'd quite like a custom portrait of myself on plush velvet. Perhaps combined with the attire of a hula girl or a space man. I can pay by paypal or in Levis jeans.
Robert Saunders October 30, 2006
Olaf, Your profile says you and the members of the Decembrists art group meet every 3rd Monday at The Isaac Square Angleterre Hotel. Olaf. There is an actual hotel in St Petersburg called The Isaac Square Angleterre Hotel. Olaf, You're scaring me. By the way, that's the most beautiful painting I've ever seen of our lord, Jesus, the Christ. Seen with Elvis, a sinner, it brings tears, to my eyes. President Bush is going to be taken up by the Rapture to Jesus' bosom when the time comes, and the day "draws near." I don't know if you knew that. God bless you, and Fran.
Olaf October 30, 2006
Olaf finds The Drawger very distracting as Olaf is trying to make the art and then more messages at The Drawger are arriving. In Russia we must work very hard and Olaf thinks it must not be so for the Americans. Perhaps they can sit and type type type all day but Olaf is trying to greaten his work so all this Drawger is not helping.
Cantinflas October 30, 2006
Olaf, I understand. I try work, and more and more messages all the time. No work, hard to perfect my art too. There is a Drawger 12 step guide. On the cover is art by Mr. Fisher. Beautiful. I send to you.
El Chavito October 30, 2006
Olaf, what time is it in Russia right now?
Olaf October 30, 2006
You see! This is what Olaf is talking about with The Drawger. Olaf see the email, okay, so Drawger is telling Olaf to come look. Then it is this rude American man asking me what is the time? It is just after six in the morning. Olaf is doing exercises so stop making Olaf do this Drawger all the time!
El Chavito October 30, 2006
Olaf, What time is it now?
Flecha Negra October 30, 2006
Olaf, I am from Cuba, we have some things in Common, with those evil Communists and all, so we can talk, man to velvet painting man. My question is, what exercises do you do? You look so healthy in your profile image. Very, how do you say in Russian, Sexy? I need to look more like you to get the Latin hot women.
El Curiouso October 30, 2006
Olaf, What are you wearing right now?
Tim OBrien October 30, 2006
I keep rubbing my eyes and the burn won't go away. Fantastic!
Olaf October 31, 2006
Being a popular artist, Olaf has many women who are regarding me fondly. This is not so good for the wife, of course, but a man of great art ability will always be following by sexy women. That is how it is everywhere. Today Olaf will be speaking closely with many young ladies and my chest will be full of desire for them, Olaf will admit to you. The exercises Olaf does each morning add to my manly artist. Push ups, squats, and the sand bag every day. Olaf likes to show the manly chest by keeping the buttons not fastened and my Fran likes that too. The Drawger is fun. Olaf is sorry for making a mistake about saying about lazy Americas. Olaf was just awake. Right now Olaf is wearings the cowboy shirt and wool socks!
Robert Saunders October 31, 2006
Olaf, why do the people in your paintings have split-level eyes?
Robert Hunt October 31, 2006
Historic context of Olaf: Though it's often omitted from art history, curator Christina Ochoa says black velvet painting goes back to the 14th century, when Marco Polo found samples of velvet paintings in Kashmir. The popularity of American black velvet painting can be traced to the work of one man known as the "American Gauguin" -- Edgar Leeteg, a native of Sacramento, California, who lived and painted in Tahiti from 1933-to-1953. Leeteg's vast output of thousands of black velvet paintings served as the inspiration for imitators who flocked to create a vast industry churning out a form of art that would be indelibly associated with tourism. Many of Leeteg's works were purchased by navy personnel based in Hawaii, who would return to San Diego, bringing Leeteg nudes and commission Mexican painters in Tijuana to make similar portraits of their girlfriends in black velvet.
El Curiouso October 31, 2006
What color socks?
El Chavito October 31, 2006
Olaf, What time is it now? So many questions. You are very populario.
Donald Kilpatrick October 31, 2006
Privyet Olaf!! Kak delishki tam v Rossija? Zdes vsyo horosho! Ti prekrasni hoodozhnik! Vsevo horoshovo!
Olaf . November 5, 2006
men-ye za-voot Olaf, men-ye nraveest-sa koopeet balsho-ee zena no-chee ee men-ye nraveest-sa gavaroo anglee-ski.
Edel Rodriguez November 5, 2006
Olaf.! Where have you been? Hmmm... Have you heard of the Speakeasy? I don't think you have access yet. But, by coincidence, you were just mentioned in that area. Funny, just as you're mentioned in a different area, you appear here after a week of being away. It's almost as if someone that was at the Speakeasy is controlling the Olaf.. But that could not be of course. You are Olaf.. You must just be a mind reader then. A mind reader and an incredible artist, welcome to Drawger! What time is it now in Russia?
El Curiouso November 6, 2006
And what are you wearing?