2013 Drawger Annual
posted: December 6, 2013

Releasing the Drawger Annual is always a bit bitter-sweet for me. For a while, it's like having my own private gallery. Nobody else is allowed in until I decide to open up the doors.

Well, the doors are open and I've left some cheese and wine by the fire escape!  Welcome to the show.

The great BILL MAYER did this years poster at the last possible minute. I asked him to think about it three days ago, and yesterday he sent me five (count em) options. Who says the days of 'can do spirit' are in the past? Not Mr. Mayer, I tell ya!

I've always been inspired by Bill's series of Letters to Lee, so I sort of begged him to do something similar for the good people of Drawger.

Below are the stupendous options Bill sent in!
Why the cat won one, I have no idea. I had to pick one, that's all I can say about it.

Something tells me this isn't exactly poultry

As anyone who knows anything knows, antlers are just in.

Sometimes I really do wonder about Bill...

I like this one because he used a picture of my lips!

Thanks to everyone who made 2013 amazing!

Drawger Annual 2013
Chris Spollen December 6, 2013
Alexs Grace December 6, 2013
So GREAT !!!
Ellen Weinstein December 6, 2013
Nice poster! Always good to be included, thanks, Zimm!
Dale Stephanos December 6, 2013
Thanks Zimm! Another good year here.
fiedler December 6, 2013
We kicks ass?
Mark Fisher December 6, 2013
We kicks lots o ass!
Gary Taxali December 7, 2013
Not enough Canadians in the annual but I still like it. Did you know that 15,500 out of the world's 25,000 polar bears are Canadian? Suck on that.
John S. Dykes December 7, 2013
"I was going to go to the museum today but clicked my way thru this fine annual instead," he replied.
Jim Paillot December 9, 2013
Thanks, Zimm. Fine show and fine poster. I am tickled to be among this group.
Jody Hewgill December 16, 2013
Love Bill's posters. Thanks Zimm for putting together another annual show, it's good to be among such great company.