My 2012 Drawger Picks
posted: December 29, 2012
Year-end thanks to everyone!

I rarely post or comment here, but I'm always lurking at the edges and enjoying the site everyone here has made happen.

This post is to thank the people who made 2012 at Drawger go over the top for  me. Every word, every image posted here makes me insanely happy, but there were a few that really sent me soaring.

In no particular they are:
The Uphill Climb
From Robert Hunt
In which Brian Stauffer and Robert Hunt decide it's a fine idea to climb Mount Everest and do some art along the way. Hello up there? Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
The Embed in the Stan
From Victor Juhasz
Victor determines that it's an excellent plan to go to Afganistan and embed with troops to do art.  Compelling to the point of no return. I have no words to describe how meaningful this is to me and others I have shared this remarkable story with.
Teaching in Mexico and Dia de los Muertos
From Ellen Weinstein
Okay, I'm a sucker for pictures of  people and places I don't know about. Ellen flew me to the moon and back with this one.
from Marcos Chin
I dearly love how Marcos can devine an image, but his prose is perhaps even more sublime. I've read this post  from him dozens of times and always walked away better for it. I'm glad he persued illustration, but if he ever decides to write, I'll follow him there any time.
"I told them ... I love you all very much"
from Ross Mac Donald
I rarely cry. Ross brought tears rolling down my face with this personal and heart-felt message. I sense he brought this terrible tragedy home for all of us.
What I did on my summer vacation...
from Bill Mayer
Bill has astounded me over and over in 2012, but his deft writing and images surrounding a simple family vacation with this one really stuck with me, Not many people commented on it at the time, but I enjoyed it a lot and continue to do so. Posted to his The Lab area, which I follow like a hungry dog looking for treats.
Mitt Romney for GQ
from Tim O'Brien
Tim posts some of my favorite articles here. They're always full of unexpected detail and reliable fun. I loved this one so much because he delivered up something somehow exactly right for the long days of a presidential campaign summer. I'm not a political person at all, but he captured all my personal misgivings about a popular candidate with one shot, one image. Also from Tim in 2012 was Illustrations from my students 2011-2012, which Robert Neubecker rightly commented was 'a very humble and honest summation of the teaching experience'. Enjoyed this look at his students work a lot as well.
The Obama Conquest
from Roberto Parada
One of the last Newsweek covers we'll see in print, hateful comments that Roberto allowed as part of the conversation, this post had a lot to offer, wrapped neatly and with care like a perfect gift. I for one am so happy I got to open and enjoy it. As with many posts here, the comment area was just as powerful as the article.
My first piece for The New Yorker
from Leo Espinosa
I always imagined a community that supports and encourages it's own. I love this post for the comment thread that follows it so much. It's exactly what I hoped for when I started this crazy joint.
There were many many more favorites for me, but I'll stop here. Have admittedly left out Kroniger's sublime series under A Box of Magazines, which I looked at again and again and enjoyed so much, along with many others who make this place amazing.

Have a lucky and prosperous 13. Many thanks to all who are here and inspire and to those who are watching and care about this crazy illustration racket.
Ellen Weinstein December 30, 2012
Thanks, Zimm! I am honored to be on your list. A very Happy New Year to you, fellow Drawgers and readers!
Victor Juhasz December 30, 2012
What can I say. Very honored to be on your list. Hoping to make my presence on these pages worth it in 2013. Happy and bountiful New Year wishes to you and everyone in Drawger. Probably the thing I am most grateful for since becoming part of the Drawger community is the friendship established with so many incredible artist/illustrators whom I would have otherwise merely known from seeing their images.
Bill Mayer December 31, 2012
Thanks Zimm! Not worthy at all but thanks.... The hike was beautiful but would have loved to see you in our neck of the woods. let's try again to connect , Let us know when you're headed back down this way...see you soon.
f l a h e r t y December 31, 2012
Why wasn't my Bunion surgery post included? I was robbed! Good picks Sir Zimm.
Robert Neubecker December 31, 2012
Harry Campbell December 31, 2012
All gems. Happy New Year fellow Drawgers and the wider world. Zimm, thanks for allowing me to remain camped out here.
Adam McCauley December 31, 2012
So many great posts from such incredible folks. Great top-ten, thanks Zimm.
Leo Espinosa January 2, 2013
honored, sir!
Jody Hewgill January 3, 2013
Thanks for your review Zimm, it brings to my attention a few gems I somehow missed. I looked forward to reading them.
John Dykes January 4, 2013
Agree! And finely stated Mr. Zimm.