The Playoff Sign
posted: October 3, 2006
New York City Department of Transportaion...
The sign was stolen (using bolt cutters) from the Cross Bronx Expressway in 1987 and has gone up in front of my house every year since 1991 that the Yankees have gone into the playoffs. Yes - I have been seen tearing it out of the ground at midnight and dragging it back into the garage on several occassions... Does the NY DOT read Drawger? Yo - it was ME, and now you know where I live! Go Yanks!
Tim OBrien October 3, 2006
THAT'S why I get lost every time I go to Yankee Stadium! I always end up in an area that I prefer NOT to be in.
Edel Rodriguez October 3, 2006
Awesome! Go Yanks!
Robert Zimmerman October 3, 2006
Right on, Ad - When I lived in Oakland (The Billy Ball Years) I was down there all the time - but Yankee Stadium won me over when I moved to the big East. A's and Twins? - I dunno, we'll see... I got HD TV now - so you won't hear from me much until November!
Jeff Moores October 3, 2006
Zimm- Good luck to your Yankees , although I'm rooting for Detroit(Pittsburgh West) How about Freddy Sanchez winning the NL batting title! I've got a funny story for another time about a sign I st*le at WVU...
Robert Saunders October 3, 2006
Zimm, I'm way more interested in the telltale cues of the background and what they reveal about your character than I am in the sign. (First of all, the guy drives a late-model sedan. Secondly, there's a weird fishtailed Bart-Simpson type amoeba-like thing attached to the wall on left. And a medicine-wheel or something hanging from the eave. Taupe clapboard siding, an open door to the garage...and what do we have? You tell me, buster.)