Drawger Annual 2011
posted: November 17, 2011
One of the cool things about being me is that every year I get to have the Drawger Annual all to myself for a while. It's like my own private show. I get to sit here and watch all the good stuff arrive and for a short while, it's all mine!

Eventually, I have to share it with everyone else. It's a bit sad, but I have to let it go.

Actually, this privileged position is probably the only thing that's cool about me, come to think about it. But still I still think it makes me pretty darn cool.

This year I worked with the remarkable Katherine Streeter on the poster. She gave me all these amazing options and then left it up to me to decide which one to use! I think she's a bit cruel like that, to tell the truth. It really wasn't fair, I tell ya! How do art directors even work with this woman? It was like trying to pick a perfect apple from a tree of perfect apples!

I hope everyone enjoys the show this year as much as I have already! I really hate to let this one go, it was so nice to have it all to myself.

Drawger Annual 2011
Andy Ward November 17, 2011
The poster is beautiful!
Jorge Mascarenhas November 17, 2011
Katherine Streeter = great choice for poster!
Cathie Bleck November 18, 2011
I LOVE this image!
Dale Stephanos November 18, 2011
Love the poster. Nice job Katherine. Thanks for making all this happen Zimm.
Noah Woods November 18, 2011
Love it.
Katherine Streeter November 19, 2011
so sweet! --thank you Zimm for asking me if I wanted to make the poster this year. What a *huge* honor!
Jody Hewgill November 24, 2011
I second Jorge's comment : Katherine Streeter = great choice for the poster. Great image & impossible task : herding illustrators! Thank you Zimm for putting this annual together.