The illoz Mudcats!
posted: October 6, 2010
Every year, sponsors a baseball team with WNC Fall Ball. This year, we're sponsoring a T-Ball team, The Mudcats!

For those of you unfamiliar with the wonders of T-Ball, it's for ages four through seven. Players have the option of the coach pitching to them, or hitting from a tee (a little stand that holds the ball for them).

I've been around youth baseball for almost twenty years and T-Ball is by far my game of choice. In the first Mudcat game of the season, one player ran to his mom after getting a hit, another player chased the ball into the outfield after hitting it and proceeded to wrestle with the outfielder who had the ball, and a third ran directly to second base after getting a hit. I'm telling you what, there's nothing like it.

Mudcats, waiting for their turn at bat! Go Mudcats!

There's a creek behind the dugout and for Mudcats, this is the place to be between innings. Here's a few of the star players preparing to clamber through the bushes to look for salamanders.

The Mudcats are team players, I tell ya! Yeah Mudcats!

This is one serious Mudcat! Not!
I'd like to thank Jermaine Parker for coaching the team! This guy really knows what the meaning of "play" is. A lot of coaches tend to forget what that word actually means to kids.

Past seasons: 2009 illoz Orioles and the 2008 illoz Angels

Oh and one more thing: Pink bats are cool! Go get em girl! Test Link.
Randy Jones October 6, 2010
I think that professional baseball should tear a page from the Mudcats playbook. I could see a batter wrestling an outfielder, or a batter running past the pitcher for second base. I could even see some Yankies clambering to the Harlem River for some albino Salamanders.
Richard Borge October 6, 2010
I love the combination of baseball and wrestling... great pics Zim!
harry October 6, 2010
Yup, that's definitely t-ball. Love it. Coached 3 times. First objective is to get them st stop tackling each other for the ball. The first time they hit a coach pitched ball is magic!
Paul Rogers October 6, 2010
Thanks for these great photos, Zimm. T-ball and Little League games are the best, anything can happen out there.
Yuko October 6, 2010
Ohhh this is so cute. Thank you for the post Zimm!
Larry Ross October 6, 2010
Fun, Zimm! And a great use of the Illoz brand. Kids are what baseball is all about!
Richard Downs October 6, 2010
Go Mudcats! and don't touch the salamanders, some species carry a skin toxin and it can produce a poison oak sort of condition. Cute kids, good job, Zimm
Daniel Pelavin October 7, 2010
Go Mudcats, go!
Leo Espinosa October 7, 2010
This yearly post always brights my day! Well done, Zimm!
Ellen Weinstein October 7, 2010
Way too cute!! Glad to see our annual fees going to good use;-)) Thanks for posting, Zimm!
Bill Koeb October 7, 2010
As the father of an 8 year old on a baseball team, I have seen the many happy moments of the kids laughing, having fun playing regardless of the score, just being kids. Nice to see someone share a bit of the world of kid's baseball. It really is the game at its best. What a bunch of cuties. Love the pink bat too.
Mark Fisher October 8, 2010
Nancy Stahl October 8, 2010
Great photos..! Thanks for sharing, Zimm... doesn't get any better than that little boy(?) with the batting helmet that swallows him whole. Absolutely adorable.
Rob Dunlavey October 11, 2010
Great sponsorship Zimm!
Andy Ward October 11, 2010
I have no idea about baseball but these look like some of the handsomest players i've ever seen.