Working Surfaces Up Close
posted: September 3, 2010
I LOVE work surfaces (where the mysterious magic happens) and was lucky enough to snap a few during a recent trip to NYC. Figured I'd share these, for anybody who feels the same as me. Give it up for the work surface, yo!

Steve Broder's work table above. Forty years of hard labor and mad mad love in grisly detail.

Detail of Brad Holland's chaotic and at the same time serene work area, pictured above.  The piece he was working on at the time (inches away from what you see here) was everything you'd expect from the MAN, and then something more, but you don't get to see that.

Tim O'Brien works standing and as such, his board is as straight-up and verticle as the man himself. Here's a small, yet subline detail of his large working surface at the time of my visit. What else do you want to know? BAM!
Brian Stauffer September 4, 2010
" straight-up and vertical as the man himself" Well put, Zimm. I envy these work spaces. They are the antithesis of "instant".
Rob Dunlavey September 4, 2010
Howzabout a gallery of working surfaces? Nice post and images.
Lou Brooks September 4, 2010
Hey, that Zimm guy can WRITE. Really enjoyable stuff, visually and otherwise.
Harry September 5, 2010
Nice-not sure what mine would look like. Sounds like a great tour-zimm.
Tim OBrien September 6, 2010
That drawing surface is the cleanest thing in my studio. Nice to have Zimm up there. I cleaned things up a bit before he came and it's STILL a little clean. Who's coming over next?
Tim OBrien September 6, 2010
I draw and paint SITTING UP on a panel. The panel is vertical. I don't stand unless I'm on the phone. Then I pace like a tiger in a cage.