Nancy Stahl Studio Glimpse
posted: August 27, 2010
Nancy Stahl invited me to visit her home and studio during a recent trip to New York. I asked if I could take a few snap shots and luckily she didn't mind. Obviously I'm not a professional photographer, but I think these amatuer pics provide a partial glimpse into how this remarkable woman is able to stay vital, current and simply bad ass by surrounding herself with inspiration.

Thanks much for the hospitality, Nancy!

I wonder if I call you if this thing (left) rings. I certainly hope so!

There's no way that I could show everything Nancy surrounds her life with - just a wee little glimpse is all I can show here. Her space is remarkable and I walked away feeling that at every turn of the head, she's challenging herself  to constantly move forward.

Chris Spollen August 27, 2010
Wonderfull Style!!!thanks Zimm for post
David Flaherty August 27, 2010
Nancy has a really cool pad! It's been awhile since I last visited.
Gary Taxali August 27, 2010
Great studio, loves the pics! Nancy, who is the beautiful woman in the photo (top pic)? :-)
Tim OBrien August 27, 2010
Nice to see the glimpse of the studio. What, no shots of my chaos for you to share? What would that say about the man behind the mess?
Robert Hunt August 27, 2010
What a great place - and somehow everything there says "Nancy".
Harry Campbell August 27, 2010
Nice little tour, but where's Nancy? Zimm, you sure Nancy was around when you "stopped by"?
Yuko August 27, 2010
This is fantastic. It is cool to see artists' collections of things. I want that magazine stand, by the way! That organizes my magazine mess for sure! ;-b
Peter August 27, 2010
Cool tour! Nancy is great!
Nancy Stahl August 28, 2010
Thanks for sticking to close-ups, Zimm..! It was great fun having you stop by. Yeah, that's me... baaaddd ass..!! Gary, the photo is my dear aunt, Marie. She was a wild woman, single and beautiful in NYC during the Mad Men days. And yes, when they called me that you were in the lobby, that cartoon version of an intercom was what announced your arrival, it still works..!
Marc August 29, 2010
Great stuff, Nancy--I want that ocean liner model!
Lou Brooks August 29, 2010
No no... I want the ocean liner! Wow, Sis, you mean neatness DOES count after all?? Why didn't you tell me this ten years ago! As you may remember, our place basically lives by the law that rust never sleeps. Also, I KNEW that was your Aunt Marie. Downright beautiful... and I imagine she was the one that dated racing driver Roger Ward. Who can blame him? BTW, there's a whole lotta you in that picture.
Coco Masuda August 29, 2010
It's such a long time ago that I don't remember exactly when (more than 15 years ago for sure), but I paid money to visit her studio. Was that Graphic Artist Guild thing? It's the very private world of Nancy Stahl. I was so jealous of it then, well not in the bad way but the admiration of her act of getting it at the right time. She was ahead of her time. Since then, I had the honor to visit it several times as her friend (yes, I'm bragging if you can't tell). It seems that the time stands still in her home, but the coolest thing is that she embraced the technology and became the master of digital illustration! Again, she was ahead of her time!
Ellen Weinstein August 31, 2010
Nancy's attention to detail and aesthetics are so consistent in life and work. It's been a while, your place looks amazing.
Elwood H. Smith September 5, 2010
Great riches abound and, as Lou notes, there's tidiness to die for. Nancy, how do you DO it?