Illo Watch
posted: February 23, 2006
While flying the friendly skies of United yesterday, I noted that the cover of Hemisphere's Magazine gave not only credit to the talented Mr. Craig Frazier, but also directed readers to his website.

The online version of Hemisphere's does the same, with a handy link, which if clicked on, appears in a framed version of Hemisphere's own website.

Are the folks at United getting into creative cost cutting - the begining of commercial illustration as self-promo - or what?

. . . . .
Nancy Stahl February 23, 2006
I may be wrong (often am) but I think Hemispheres was redesigned a couple of years back by Pentagram in SF and that they set it up to be respectful of illustrators, not that they're doing a trade for promo.
Robert Saunders February 23, 2006
United may or may not be trying to bargain with illustrators by giving them more "exposure", but I've always known Jamie Easler, Hemisphere's AD, to be illustrator-friendly. He is still there, last I looked. Regarding Frazier, he's one gem of a guy when you meet him in person. He's a pro-active, smart marketer of his work and maximizes every opportunity he encounters. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if he thought of the website link himself. But also I think it's not unusual that parties are thinking up this no-cost way of optimizing the illustrator's exposure.
Leo Espinosa March 3, 2006
So I guess a spot illustration flyes you from La Guardia to Newark.