Frazier's 98
posted: July 28, 2006
2006 Craig Frazier...
Late tag-on to theLeo Espinoso note on Craig Frazier's 98 sketch book. Just received an imprint of 98 today in the mail and wanted to send out a "YO DUDE THANKS" to the Craig Man! .... The book is sublime. Should be "mandatory looking" (if there were such a thing) for everyone. . . . . .
David Flaherty July 29, 2006
He has a promo site he does where he does an illo a day. Can't quite remember the url. I think it links from his site.
Mark Matcho July 30, 2006
Man, that's a great piece; I gotta check him out. What's up Bobby- been awhile, how you doin, pal?