The illoz Angels
posted: September 2, 2008
Meet the illoz Angels!

This is a team of 8, 9 and 10 year olds playing this fall in Western North Carolina, corporate home of

Western North Carolina Fall Baseball is a BIG DEAL around these parts and I thought "what the hey...", if a $325 sponsorship will guarantee that a bunch of kids can get dirty and hit some balls, then we're in! Right?

Today was opening day for the Angels.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Seeing them take the field in those little illoz shirts....I can not EVEN begin to describe the excitment of it. I wish everyone could have seen it like I did.

Our illoz Angels went up against the highly favored Astros and came away with a narrow defeat, backed by solid defense and swift base running. When the game was over, team drinks were immediately poured down each other's necks and they went and played in the creek, the narrow defeat forgotten ... immediately.

Ah, to be a kid again...
When you look at kids like can you POSSIBLY not want to help them play ball?

Glad that illoz had a few bucks left over (thanks so much to everyone involved) to make this happen for the Angels. They are one chill team of characters.

Great parents too! As the illoz Angels slipped in the 4th inning to hand over the game to the Astros, parents calmly chattted amoung themselves about how hard the team was trying and how the next game might be better. Parents make a huge difference in youth baseball and the Angel's parents made it all good in the end, the way it should be.
The Angel's dugout was really the place to be. These kids hung the fence every minute and chewed a lot of gum.
Thanks to Coach Yohon Whitaker and his assistant, Ronald Blackman. I happened to snap this pic of them while they were making out their lineup and not exactly sure if they were all that happy about me wandering around on their field at the time...Like I said I was a bit excited, perhaps a bit too excited.

These guys really do have the best interests of the kids in mind at all times and I'm SO PROUD to be able to help them field a team this fall, with the help of everyone involved with the illoz project.
illoz logo by you know who

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Leo Espinosa September 2, 2008
I just went to heaven myself with this post and lost all my words up there, Zimm!
Edel Rodriguez September 2, 2008
AWESOME!!!!! Go team! Thanks Zimm.
Marc September 2, 2008
Zimm, this is too good! We want regular updates on the team.
Richard Downs September 2, 2008
Hi Zimm, email me an address and a payable I'll send a small donation in support of this team. This is fantastic work, good job. r
Kyle T. Webster September 2, 2008
Glad to be supporting this kind of thing in my home state, Bob! Go team.
Christoph Hitz September 2, 2008
Go Illoz go! Way cool.
Adam McCauley September 2, 2008
Go Illoz Angels! Wish they'd decided to be the Giants though...
Tim OBrien September 2, 2008
Very cool! I hope they have fun.
Nancy Stahl September 3, 2008
Love it...!! That dugout photo is a classic... these kids are serious..! Go, Angels..!
Bob Staake September 3, 2008
most outrageously amazing and coolest drawger post EVER! if we were all there, we'd dump 100 gallons of gatorade all over the zimmheimer!
Mark Fisher September 3, 2008
Zimm, Beautiful action. Hope the season is a blast.
Zina Saunders September 3, 2008
Go, Team, GO!!!
Chris Buzelli September 3, 2008
They look so amazing! This is priceless. GO ILLOZ ANGELS!
Mike Moran September 3, 2008
What a GREAT way to spend the money! That was really nice of you. Now I can say I'm part owner of a baseball team! Go Angels!
Steve Brodner September 3, 2008
The coolest!!! Congrats Zimm and team.
Hanoch Piven September 3, 2008
Don't know much about Baseball but if these kids are so happy and engaged Baseball must be a good thing!!
Dale Stephanos September 3, 2008
GREAT post Zimm. It makes me even happier to be a part of illoz. Keep us udated as the season progresses.
Jim Paillot September 3, 2008
Go Angels!! Great shirts. It's all about the snow cones and candy bars after the game.
Paul Rogers September 3, 2008
Fantastic, Zimm, thanks for sharing this with us. I love watching kids this age play baseball, absolutely anything can happen on the field at any time. The illoz logo never looked better.
John Dykes September 3, 2008
What a story! Great move, Zimm... Very touching.... Now GO TEAM!!!