Illustration at AIGA
posted: February 22, 2007
Just in case it's not hit your radar yet, the AIGA has a blog devoted to illustration, moderated by Christoph Niemann Here's the AIGA intro: "Illustration lies in a no man's land, somewhere between fine art and clip art. Though illustration remains a powerful and versatile communication tool, it often plays a lonely role in the graphic arts. Illustrators operate from isolated studios, ignorant of the concerns of designers, who in turn are oblivious to the needs of illustrators. Design Forum: Illustration is an online forum built to bridge the gap between these two worlds. It's a place for criticism, commentary, and dialogue between illustrators and designers, to explore the evolving role illustration plays in today's publishing environment." Hook up to it
rag February 23, 2007
Did you notice the dates on the posts? Illos aren't discussed much. Time to contrirbute a POV I guess.
Tim O'Brien February 23, 2007
What an intro~! Jeepers. "Illustrators are struggling and barely alive, here is a message board to share you thoughts about this and your misery..."
Jim Paillot February 23, 2007
"... ignorant of the concerns of designers..." Gee, I didn't know I was so clueless! I'd better hop on that site and see what's shakin'. Thanks, Robert.
Joseph Fiedler February 23, 2007
I felt like an archeologist scanning the tombs when I looked at the dates on the posts! I expected to find one by Albert Dorne. BUT, that provocative diatribe of an intro seems to need some nitro if you ask me! i But then again, maybe I over react?
David Flaherty February 23, 2007
There are some spicey posts there!
Zimm February 23, 2007
yeah - I was kinda sorta maybe pointing this place out because it has potential but has been largely neglected. I also found the intro to be, uh, interesting.