Rejected Experiments
posted: March 18, 2006
Some time ago I was trying out a variation on what I usually do - not all THAT different from my regular fare - but never the less, rejected far and wide by art directors. I like the look myself, but getting completely hammered with complaints shut this stuff down mighty fast. Oh well - I'm posting these up here anyway as a reminder that change isn't always for the best, I suppose.
Totallly shot down in a ball of flames, but I like it anyway, so there.
Rejected out of hand and sent into illustration exile.

. . . . .
Nancy Stahl March 18, 2006
I like them too..! You just have to do it enough for art directors to not be surprised any more when that is what they get. (Which in my experience coincides perfectly with me being ready to move on to something else.) It's all a matter of them wanting to see what they've already seen and us wanting to do what we've never done before. (Where's my name at the top of this window? Will it appear, I wonder, once I "submit". Did you change something, Zimm? Yeech! I hate change..! hahaha) .... Nancy
Robert Zimmerman March 19, 2006
Thanks for the kind words Nancy. But, even though I didn't think about it at the time, there's something very 15th century about this work ... and I don't think we'll ever want to get THAT retro. I've always loved the flattened wood cut perspectives of that period, but my affinity for those monk illustrators ... it got me behind on bills for a bit, I'll admit... not good.
Leo Espinosa March 19, 2006
Funny, we were just talking about this issue with my wife. It seems that art directors are ruled by editors, or a marketing department, or sometimes ruled by both. And these last two don't like risks and art directors don't like to loose their jobs. Nowadays, risks are very dangerous for the company's pockets. Why bother taking them if you can just copy things that have proven "success" in the market. I do like your new style. Mix it up with your other things and surprise them again. Don't give up.