10th Drawger Annual
posted: December 16, 2015
Honestly amazing, this place.

Pleased as holiday punch to announce the Drawger Annual for 2015! Hope you all enjoy the show!
Many thanks to Tim O'Brien and Edel Rodriguez for saying "heck yeah"

Wait just a minute...does a ten year anniversary mean that I'm ten years older than when we first started doing this?
Mark Fisher December 16, 2015
Amazing artwork, they ought to do it professionally!
Harry December 16, 2015
That's a perfect Drawger Annual cover.Ten years!!
Leo Espinosa December 16, 2015
Wow... ten years! I just went back to read my first post from March 2006. Thank you for Drawger, Robert. Happy holidays, sir!
Douglas Fraser December 16, 2015
Tin/aluminum & diamonds for the 10th anniversary. Aluminum? who'd athunk. Thank you Mr. Zimm, I raise my tin cup.
Tim OBrien December 16, 2015
It's been a really fun and invigorating time these past 10 years to be able to post thoughts and images and see all the shared content. Inspiring projects, and trips and ideas. Reading about vacations, the passing of parents, the growth of children and of course the fun has been memorable. Cheers to all of the artists here now or who were once here and moved on.
joHo December 16, 2015
Felt like a job managing to get it posted with 10 minutes to deadline!
Richard Downs December 17, 2015
Thank you Zimm, for the platform. Great cover!
Dale Stephanos December 17, 2015
It's like being on a playground where the kids never get older, they just get better. I've loved being a part of Drawger. Thanks Zimm!
Paul Rogers December 17, 2015
Thank you Zimm, for 10 years of the greatest shared platform for illustrators anywhere.
Steve Brodner December 17, 2015
Drawger has been a special force in our industry and our art. And our lives, especially in getting to see the best in illustration and making new friends. Grateful for all, Zimm. Here's to you
GĂ©rard DuBois December 17, 2015
Thanks a lot Robert for this amazing and wonderful place that is Drawger!
Bill Mayer December 18, 2015
Thanks for putting this together Zimm... Love the poster. One of my favorite portraits EVER. Beautiful Timmy.
Julia Breckenreid December 18, 2015
Thank you Zimm xo
Victor Juhasz December 21, 2015
I consider it a special honor to be part of the Drawger family. It has provided a platform not only for the images I create but for the opportunities to write and tell stories. Thanks Zimm.
Jeff Moores December 22, 2015
Wow, 10 years... I remember some of the "all time" late night posts when Flaherty was passed out, drooling on the his keyboard - according to Staake, or so it goes. What a riot those early days were!!
Joe Ciardiello December 22, 2015
Thanks for 10 years, Zimm.
Alan Witschonke December 23, 2015
A serious honor to be a small part of such an amazing collection of wonderful artists. I'm riding in the caboose and Zimm is driving the engine!